Masculine Office Built-In Design | Maple Grove, MN

A wonderful family invited us into their home to help dream up the perfect office space. They live in a beautiful, newly built home in the suburbs of Minneapolis, so we were honored when they asked us to give their dining room and office a little facelift. As soon as we walked in and saw this beautiful office, we instantly dreamed of beautiful built-ins covering the entire wall.

the challenge

We have to admit, this project didn’t go as seamlessly as we hoped, but it turned out to be a beautiful project in the end and we learned a lot along the way. Hey, you gotta have some hiccups to grow, right?! Luckily for us, we had fantastic clients to work with and we got to spend that much more time with them. Hehe.

By adding built-ins anywhere in your home instantly makes the room that much bigger. We have done a handful of built-ins and it truly does amaze me every time we add more to the room, it looks like less. They easily blend into the home decor rather than standing out, mixing with any design aspect of any home. Bonus, you get a ton of added storage and get to buy beautiful stylish office decor!

Our team custom built the cabinets in the shop, and then assembled and brought it all together in the client’s home. This can be tricky because the walls, ceiling, and floors can all be un-level. This is where we ran into our hiccup. We ended up having to take a few pieces home to refinish but in the end it worked out just right.

Once we had all of the pieces in the home, we nailed them into place and finished off with a gorgeous crown molding and quarter round along the base.


our solution

After finishing a couple of the doors we had to shave off a sliver to ensure they shut perfectly.

They do say good office decor makes you more productive, and I believe it! I get way more done when I don’t have a ton of papers, dust, or my clutter staring me in the eye when I’m trying to work.

Your office should be a place of inspiration. You need personal touches to put in place for what motivates you. The hubby of this beautiful family is the main person that utilizes the office, so we wanted to bring in as much man decor as we could bu using masculine elements.

The one thing the hubs is passionate about is hunting. So of course we needed to incorporate some horns. After touring their beautiful basement full of his mounted possessions, I had my eyes locked on this guy. Because doesn’t it look like something you would buy from West Elm? I love it. Perfect touch for a masculine office.  I think they had a much larger animal in mind but I think this was perfect for a co-ed space and grand entrance to their home!

We used our go-to stain, dark walnut, finishing with poly. We wanted to coordinate the look of the wood with the rest of the beautiful dark wood work throughout their house.

Beautiful books are a must have for any built-in decor. Lucky for us, the husband of this family went to law school, so instead of having to buy some fake books, these were the real deal. I think I might even try to buy some of his old law school books for styling our own office. haha!