Gallery Wall Design | Otsego, MN

Gallery walls are the perfect way to make a statement in your home. Between an eclectic mix of photographs, paintings, wall art, or printables, nothing shows more of you and your style. Gallery walls tell a story, and there’s nothing that I love more for home decor than personal photographs.

the challenge

Think about the room where you are placing your gallery wall. Do you have a big open canvas? Is wall along a staircase, square, or extremely long? Do you have any furniture that will be placed in the room on one side of the wall or the other?

our solution

Have fun with your layout and your design, let it show your personality. When designing gallery walls we first get to know our clients, their style and taste, and most importantly, their personalities. With any client project, we always want their style and personalities to show through the design story we tell throughout their home.