South Minneapolis Kitchen Refresh | Minneapolis, MN

the challenge

With so many different factors within a home, each project comes with its own unique set of renovation challenges. Old homes, strange layouts, budget, design style, city codes, and much more all contribute to the overall difficulty of the design and project execution.

For the most part, it is probably actually easier to start a project from scratch than to work with what’s already in the home. But we never do that! ha! We specialize in creating our clients dream space within their budget, needs, and style.

This home was one of the oldest homes we have renovated. It was built in the 1920s and our client didn’t want a complete overhaul of the space. They wanted the character of the home to shine through, but with a modern touch. Our client was open to a complete rearrangement, taking down walls and more, but being the space was small, we didn’t want him to loose all of his cabinetry and storage. Our client trusted us and left this renovation in our hands from design planning to full execution.

our solution

One of the first things we always ask our clients is how long are they planning to stay in their home. If they’re looking to sell in under five years, we always think smart and recommend that they not invest too much money into their renovation so they can see a return on their home. If it’s their forever home, that’s another story. For this particular client, they were certain that they would be moving in under 5 years.

Knowing that, we recommended we leave the layout of the kitchen in tact. Instead, we thought about ways we could up the value of his home within his budget, and not just in the kitchen. Being this kitchen was a smaller space and had all dark finishes throughout, we wanted to brighten everything up!

We were able to renovate his kitchen for under $5,000. We painted all of their kitchen cabinetry White Dove by Benjamin Moore, and added new fresh hardware from Home Depot. We chose a nice modern subway tile, new granite countertops, and recommended new flooring. However, when we got to demolition of the flooring we realized that there were natural beautiful hardwood floors under 5 layers of tile. So, lucky for them, we didn’t have to put any cost into the floor.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a complete overhaul of your kitchen to update the space, but just nice simple touches to freshen it up!