QALO Brand Ambassadors

Life just keeps getting better and better. We are so proud and excited to announce that we’re officially the new brand ambassadors for QALO. You can check out them and the announcement, HERE.


Who & What is QALO?

QALO stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors. More than just the rings, what I love about these guys is that they are building a¬†community of friends and fans that love and support one another, and are on a pursuit to love selflessly, live athletically, and play outdoors constantly. And that is exactly what construction2style stands for. If we’re not working our butts off remodeling and renovating, you can find us outside at the track watching Jamie ride.

QALO just came out with a new product launch for construction. Let me tell you, these rings are so much cuter with the little hammer logos on them. Hehe.


To be completely honest, Jamie and I wear our wedding rings almost constantly through work or play. The only time Jamie ever takes his ring off is when he rides his bike because it pinches with the clutch. And since we got a our rings, Jamie is obsessed! It doesn’t bother him one bit anymore when he rides.

construction2style motocross with QALO construction2style motocross with QALO

Wearing metal rings can be dangerous when working with any power tools. It can easily get caught on something and there goes your finger. We’ve heard a lot of horror stories but now when Jamie’s¬†working, he doesn’t have to be worried about his safety.C2S_BrandFeb21


We are so so excited to be brand ambassadors for QALO! And we can’t wait to share more and more reasons why. As always, we just love you guys so much! Without you, none of our dreams would be coming true.

Jamie & Morgan



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