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seattle vacation

Greyson and I headed out for a long weekend last week to spend time with a few of my California college girlfriends. Which was beyond overdue! It’s so refreshing when you can meet up with good friends that you haven’t chatted with in forever and it feels like not a moment has passed.

When my friend, Cameron, texted me to take an impromptu trip to Seattle a few weeks back it was an easy hell yes! One of our girlfriends was having a new baby and we thought it’d be a perfect time to fly out and help. But then she came a few weeks early, so we weren’t much help at all.

And I mean… how cute is this bundle?! Total baby fever after this trip…

We booked our flights immediately and headed out to Seattle to hang with our two girlfriends and their babies that live out there now. Two of our besties moved to the same place, how lucky are we, a few years after graduating and are now raising their families there.

I was blown away by our first visit to Seattle. I knew it was a cool city, but I didn’t realize just how cool. I felt like I was in Alaska! The views were incredible. The water, the mountains, fresh seafood, good breweries, coffee… even with a toddler, we did and enjoyed it all. I don’t think we missed a thing.

I also think going to a city where you have friends that actually live there is a whole different experience than being tourists on your own. You get to see just how real life looks like from the people that live there. We hit up all the local hangouts that we probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I mean how cute are these two peas in a pod… bellying up to the bar…

This was Jameson, Greyson’s best bud. They are exactly nine months apart. And now the new baby and Beckam are exactly nine months apart too. We laughed so hard! The day both Greyson and Beckam were born, my friend Jacquelyn told me she was prego.

I decided to bring Greyson with me because I hate being away from my babies for too long and I had one too many work trips booked this winter and didn’t want another moment gone from my babes. It was my first trip flying solo with just Greyson, and it was beyond amazing.

There were only two tantrums, and both were at the airport. He was overly tired and ready to get to our destination. I may have almost left him with a couple of strangers, but I was proud to have made the trip with him and got home with both of us still in one piece.

Jamie did tell me as I was walking out the door to catch our flight, “Remember, momma, deep breaths.” Love that man. He knows me all too well.

The first full day out there Cam, Greyson, and I hit up all the tourist spots…

From the troll under Fremont, to visiting the first Starbucks, to the Aquarium, Farmer’s Market, Gum Wall, Space Needle… I don’t think we missed one thing.



And then we got a full day of restaurant and brewery hopping plus a little shopping. And you bet our kids were by our sides the entire day from 6 am until midnight.

Greyson was most proud of his “bolty” socks, that looked just like his Molitor cousin, Bolt. He thought they fit him perfectly. Melted my heart.

My highlight of the trip may have been when Cameron and I walked to get coffee for breakfast and ended up getting a pitcher of mimosas instead because it had been quite the morning. The guy at the counter goes, “you do know that serves 8?” and Cam replies, “great, we’ll take 2!”  If that isn’t mom life at it’s finest I don’t know what is. I almost peed my pants laughing. I still am laughing…haha!

Never a dull moment with my girls thats for sure!

So many laughs and such a great time. I’m still smiling as I’m writing this post and we’re already planning our next trip out this summer, but next time with all our babes and hubbies and our other college girlfriends as well. I can hardly wait!

And never will I ever forget this first solo trip with you my baby boy, where you made me wait for McDonalds french fries for over two hours. We had conversations with the homeless, and I had to explain to you multiple times why they were homeless, we gave all our money to them and then finally with 20 minutes to go McDonalds gave into your smile and made you your fries. And you were SO pumped. I’ll never ever forget that morning. It was priceless.


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