Adding a Laundry Room Addition

adding a laundry room addition

Since having two kids, I feel like we spend all of our time in the laundry room. I can’t even count how many times I’ve washed the boys’ sheets in the past two weeks. If Beckam isn’t having a blowout or spitting up, Greyson is wetting the bed. It’s never-ending. I don’t know how families do it with more than two kids. (And yes, I want five). Their machines must be running non-stop. I told Jamie if we have a third we’re getting a commercial washer and dryer, or we’re getting another set on our bedroom floor. Why they don’t put that into more home designs, I don’t know.

adding a laundry room addition

So when this family told us they needed a pretty laundry room, I got it. You need a pretty space for a place you spend all of your time.

This client is the same client that hired us recently to remodel their master bathroom. So while we tackled that project, we also put in a new laundry room for them in their basement.

These guys had their laundry room in their utility room and were wanting a little bit of a prettier space. Nothing fancy, just not cement floors and electrical wires hanging all over. We thought it could work because it was a pretty large space, but once we started putting the plans together and due to all the electrical boxes, furnace, etc. and once you add framing (and pass inspections) we quickly realized they were going to have no room to open up their dryer.

So they showed us another little unfinished “closet” in their basement that they used for storage and that also had access to the garage that they hadn’t finished either. Surprise! So after they showed us that space we recommended splitting the room in half so that they didn’t have to lose their full storage room and then move the washer and dryer over and finish up the room. I liked that there was access to the garage so if they ever needed to (because that became my favorite thing in our home), they could come right into their pretty little mudroom and into the laundry area to take those dirty clothes off.

And of course, we forgot to take before pictures. UGH. Just picture this; cement flooring, electrical boxes, water softener, basically a typical utility room.

And here are the afters for you! They’re much prettier to look at anyway.

We put in a luxury vinyl flooring, a new utility sink, of course, some shelving for storage. We styled the space with goodies from Cost Plus World Market.

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