Spring Sunshine, Dirt Bike Time

spring sunshine, dirt bike time

The sunshine has finally hit here in MN! Thank heavens.

I’m not one to complain about the seasons but this past winter, all us Minnesotans felt like it was never going to end. It’s been a couple of weeks now since it’s been feeling like spring and we haven’t been able to keep the boys inside at all.

As soon as Greyson gets up at 6:00 am he’s straight out the door to get on his bike or out onto the playground, and Beckam’s not far behind him. He tries to make a run for it, but he’s not quite able to make it down all the stairs yet.

Our weekends consist of eating and riding all the bikes.

Melts my heart how much Greyson loves to do everything his daddy does. Jamie got two pit-bikes for the boys last year. Yes, even one for Beckam before he was born. And we can hardly keep Greyson off it. He still has the training wheels, and he likes it when daddy rides on the back, but he drives all on his own.

Beckam will be there soon I’m sure!

Jamie took Beckam for his first ride and just like Greyson; it was all serious business. Anytime Greyson is doing something super fun he never smiles, it’s all business. Cracks us up!

Greyson has also upgraded to his big boy bike! This was his first time riding solo, and now we can’t get him off his bike. Before Greyson was even one, Jamie bought him a strider bike. And he went straight from his strider to his big boy bike with no training wheels. Last summer he would ride his big boy bike, but we had to push him to get started. This day marked the first day he started and rode all by himself. Perfect timing, because Beckam is going to need the strider soon.

Can’t wait for the summer sunshine ahead to make a million more memories!

What are your favorite outdoor family activities to do?

{Photo Credit: Katie Storm}


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