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Finding cures, saving children. What St. Jude is all about!

This upcoming month, we are proud to sponsor one of St. Jude’s biggest events, the St. Jude ride and 5K run at the Afton Apple Orchards in Hastings, MN.

Come join our team on Saturday, July 28th at the Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings, MN, and let’s have some fun to raise money to help the fight. You can join Jamie on the 20k bike ride, some of us on the 5K run, or just come to enjoy the fun! We’ll also be leading a DIY workshop while everyone is working their booties off. So you can hang with us in the tent too!

If you want to ride alongside Jamie, use the code “HEROES when you register HERE, and you will get 50% off of whatever race you choose, run or ride.

Jamie and I have thought about how construction2style can give back for quite some time now. For awhile we were involved in the MS 150 ride, and now this year we are refocusing our attention and joining forces with  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you’re not familiar with St. Jude, it is an organization trying to fight childhood cancer. This events sole purpose is to do just that. The ride is so much more than a competition, its an opportunity to make a change and give back.

This past spring, our good friend Lee invited us to come and hear some stories and learn more about St. Jude. We went, and though we had a great time, the stories we heard first hand from these families and the videos we watched were heartbreaking. I cannot even begin to fathom the pain of having a child with cancer or any sickness for that matter. It kills us when our babies have a simple ear infection or owie on their arm. What St. Jude does for these families and children is incredible. No child deserves to go through the terrible stages that cancer brings, and with the help of events like this we can all do our part in trying to end that.

This race has brought many people of the motocross community together for a great cause. I say this because as you guys know, Jamie has a passion for motocross. You used to find us at the track every weekend, but now this guy hardly has time to put his hammer down on the weekends. We need to change that ASAP!

This was Greyson at Pro Nationals this past year, so happy to be there and then sad that the race was over and we had to leave…

We would LOVE for you to join us on Saturday, July 28th at the Afton Apple Orchard to help make a change. Run, ride, or just come hang out with us. There will be live music, food, and lots for you to do to cheer these riders on along the way.

Ryan Dungey, one of our favorite Minnesota riders and supercross champion is leading the charge at this event.

If you can’t make it to the event, we’d love for you to help us raise money for this great cause. Click here to donate. The coolest part about this organization is that every penny you donate goes straight to these families.

During the event, we’ll also do a live workshop and teach you guys some DIY skills. We’re still debating what to cover in the workshop…how to shiplap, how to wallpaper, how to tile…what would you guys want to learn about?

Leave a comment and let us know!

We couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to be one of many to sponsor this event. Please join us in the fight against childhood cancer. Can’t wait to see you!

You can register or donate HERE. And don’t forget if you register to ride with us, use code word HEROS for 50% off your ride.

When & Where:
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Afton Apple Orchard
14421 90th Street S.
Hastings, MN 55033

Ryan Dungey MN Bike Ride St. Jude | construction2style

Ryan Dungey MN Bike Ride St. Jude | construction2style




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