Strategies to Design Your Dining Space

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is typically where the family starts and ends their day with breakfast and dinner.

We are currently working on a little renovation project for a dinning room and it reminded me of why it’s such an important space and wanted to share what we’re up to!


Why is a dining room important to a home?

Originally, the dining area is the place where the family comes to together to eat meals. Because of the flexibility in the uses of this room, it is also being used as a work space for the parents and study place for the kids. During small family gatherings, the dining room is where the family would mostly hang out and share conversations after eating.

The dining room should exude an ambiance of comfort and energy to make the mornings warm and to make the evenings full of life when the family shares their day. Here are decorating suggestions and strategies on how you design your dining space.


The basics

Start with the basic parts of a dining room first. This includes the walls, the ceiling, lightings and fixtures. For the walls, a soft and warm tone can add comfort during meals. Light colors such as white and peach can make the room more welcoming. A medium height for the ceiling will also make the dining room balanced – not too high and spacious, not too low and crowded.

You can use chandeliers for the dining room, but choose the ones that are not too elaborate. White light can enhance the meal presentations. Choose elegant designs for your plumbing fixtures in the hand-washing area.

The necessities

The next thing to consider for your dining room is, of course, your dining set. This should be the cherry on top of your dining room cake. The dining set says much about a family – as they would say: the bigger the dining set, the more people are welcome to eat. But for practicality, you should also consider the size of your family – parents, kids, and any extended family in your home – when you choose the number of seats in your dining table.

The decorations

Give your dining room a warm and welcoming vibe by adding decorations that can add to the warm atmosphere. Wainscoting, like we are doing for this dining room reno, is a simple way to add texture and decor to any walls in your space. You could also display a collection that the family is commonly interested about, and this can be an enthusiastic topic to discuss during meals. Shelves displaying collections of Chinaware and French designs can make the dining room look elegant.

The other decorations

Other details to add and complete your dining room are space linens and curtains. This is where you can play a bit with the decorations and add accent to the room. It would look more chic and classy to choose tones and hues that are not too contrasting with the wall color of your dining room. Soft tones can make the room feel warm and friendly too.

Food plays a huge part in making the dining room energetic and family-oriented. Apart from that, it is all the decorations and interior design of your dining space that brings the family together. It starts from the comfort of your dining table up to the ambiance that the room gives. Make your dining room the most comfortable for your family to enjoy your meals together.


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