Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller

Interior Design Assistant

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Abbie is our freshest and youngest member of the team! She joined the team this summer as an intern and we decided that we had to keep her around. Abbie is currently a senior at Bemidji State University finishing up her last year studying Graphic + Exhibit Design. She is passionate about all things design – graphics, interiors + fashion, but will usually take a crack at anything we throw her way. 

Abbie grew up all the way up north in Roseau, MN. In her free time she spends her time thrifting, golfing, snowboarding and hanging out with her boyfriend + their black lab, Briggs. 


What’s your Sign, Enneagram or Insights Training? 

I’m a Gemini & an Enneagram 4! 

Your best childhood memory? 

Dancing to classic rock in my living room with my mom, dad and older brother! 

One person you’d love to have lunch with?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – there is so much I could learn from her and so many questions I would ask! 

Favorite book or podcast? 

I’m an avid reader, currently on my 32nd book of the year! Where the Crawdads Sing is one of my recent favorites! 

If you could travel time, when would you go? 

Probably the 1950’s, so I could have a head start on a collection of vintage fashion pieces!

Favorite teacher, leader or mentor and why? 

My Grandma Jo, she is funny, smart and never has a bad thing to say about anyone.

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