Kyle Storley 1

Kyle Storley

Project Manager

Kyle is our Project Manager and although he knows how to swing a hammer, he can cook up one mean meal as his background is in culinary cooking coming straight from Le Cordon Bleau.

Kyle started working for c2s during the height of the coronavirus in 2020 and jumped right in!

He’s a humble, creative, and hardworking guy and we couldn’t be more thankful to have him on the c2s team running our projects on the job site.

What’s your Sign, Enneagram or Insights Training?

Virgo, 3 – The Achiever 

Best childhood memory? 

Sitting around the dinner table with my family.

One person you’d love to have lunch with?

Anthony Bourdain and Obama. 

Favorite Book or Podcast? 

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and The Bonfire Podcast.

If you could time travel, when would you go? 

2004 and buy all the bitcoin I could. Or, The Classical Period of Greece 480-323 BC). I think it would be an interesting time to watch the growth of art, science, philosophy and religion. Plus, they seem like a clean culture; I would hate to go somewhere without bathrooms.

Favorite teacher, leader or mentor and why? 

My mom. Not only has she been an amazing mother, but also an inspiring mentor and teacher in so many different facets of my life. She is incredibly wise, thoughtful, empathetic, and entrepreneurially minded. She not only played the part of mom and mentor to my siblings and I, but to the dozens and dozens of our friends that still call her “mom” today.