The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 1

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The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 2

Today we are chatting smart home technology with  One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Mister Sparky. A fun fact is that both of these companies are sister, partner brands. So the best part about their services is that you can take care of a lot of business in one service, which we recently did. 

Best of all we’re going to give 5 lucky winners your own smart home package on our Instagram page.

Thanks to Mister Sparky we got a full monitoring system installed and while they were out One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning improved our heating and air monitor controls, which are also all controlled from the same smart app on our phone.

Whether we’re heading on vacation and want to keep a safe watch on our home while away or adjust the temperature before we get back, we can see and control everything. 

Or even when we are home, we’re always looking for added security. Being we put ourselves out there online, have three littles running around, and deliveries always showing up on our doorstep nonstop … we feel so much more at peace with Mister Sparky‘s full monitoring system.

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 3

And if you’ve been like us over this past year and spending a whole lot of time at home, you may have noticed your electrical bill going up! One way to cut down on these bills is to have One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning hook you up with a smart air monitoring system. This will allow you to adjust the temperature from your home when you’re not around or during non-peak hours. 

It’s been about a month since we got this installed and I can’t even tell you how many times a day I look at that camera when I get alerted and it gives me such peace of mind. Best of all, we can voice chat through and let whoever knows to leave it out front or get back in the house. Which has also made for a pretty fun game with our littles when they are running in and out of the house non-stop and playing some funny jokes on them or telling them to get back in the house! ha! 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 4

The camera is synced with the doorbell, so anytime anyone rings it we instantly get alerted. And as you can see below, the video quality is awesome! We can literally see all the way down our driveway to cars even passing by. 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 5

Nobody even has to ring the doorbell for you to access the camera. There have been many times I simply open it up to see if my kids are running in and out or playing right outside and to keep a close eye on them.

And did I mention, we can also access our garage door. How many times have you been like me… put the kids in the car, drive off, and wondered if you shut the door?! Open the app and you’ll know. We can also now open the garage door if we have a grocery delivery, someone swinging by to work in our house, etc., while we’re out. No more having to give them our garage code and then having to constantly change it. 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 6

On top of the monitoring system, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning also took a look at our air quality, HVAC, and thermostats and made some updates! 

When it comes to indoor climate, most people focus on enhancing their air conditioning and heating. Although those things are important, they aren’t the only factors you should consider when trying to improve your home’s indoor climate. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we help families maintain healthy indoor air quality with our reliable and efficient services.

Being we have a newborn, having the One Hour & Air Conditing team take a look at this made us breathe easier. Quite literally, ha! They got us set up with a monitoring system upstairs, right next to Ellie’s room to alert us if there was any sense of Cabron Monoxide and more. 

And they updated our 90’s thermostat right here in our living room… 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 7

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 8

Being we’re in the design industry, my favorite thing was the aesthetics behind the thermostat. Not all of these buttons and lights blinking at you. Tap to touch on and has three simple buttons on the right to adjust. And again, it’s all done from an app on your phone. I love this clean and sleek look! 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 9

We can’t say enough good things about both of these brands, products, and teams. They were so professional, kind, and walked us through everything so we knew exactly what they were doing, why, and also how to use it all! They did test runs with us so that once they left, we’d feel very comfortable knowing all of the controls, alerts, and what to do. And of course, if anything came up – they were only a phone call away and would get here in no time. 

The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 10

Don’t forget to entire to win as we’re giving FIVE LUCKY WINNERS your own smart home package, just as we have!

You will be receiving…

  • Sensii Touch Thermostat
  • Phillips Hue Home Starter Pack
  • AND… an Alexa! 

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Good Luck! Winners will be announced September 15. 





The Best Clean Air & Monitoring Security Systems 11

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