The Bradford Home Design

The Bradford Home Design 1

Say hello to, The Bradford! This project is a main level remodel, and we have had SO much fun with this client and this project. It’s a full gut and remodel taking this baby down to the studs. 

My favorite thing about this home is that our client bought it from her parents, who downsized, so it’s an even more special project. One of the first times I went to the home, Ellie was just weeks old, and the mom was there and was so excited to see what we were going to do with the place. It melted my heart. And our client has such great taste it has been such a fun process to collaborate with her. Our client and her daughter are moving into this home, so we’ve been able to add some fun girly, girl elements into the home, such as leopard print and lots of floral wallpaper. 


So first, the most fun part…let’s rewind to the before.

This project has been a long time coming! We’ve been working on this home for a year, planning this project. There were many structural changes they wanted to be done in this space, so the first step when kicking things off with our client was to hire an architect and an engineer.  Even before we dove into selections, our client hired our architect Jennifer to draw up all the plans. 

The Bradford Home Design 2

This home is along the Mississippi River with some great views! However, the views were hidden from the kitchen, so of course, the walls were coming down. 

And all new Marvin windows will be going here. 

The Bradford Home Design 3

All of this right here, even the stone, came down… 

The Bradford Home Design 4

This backroom will soon be the office, with some fun bold wallpaper on this back wall. And which you can see but to the right is all windows, with a river view as well. 

The Bradford Home Design 5

What was a simple laundry room…you guessed it… it will soon be covered in another fun wallpaper print! Once this is done, our client will be want to do laundry all the time because this room will be so fun. 

The Bradford Home Design 6

And this right here will be a little hard to explain. See where the closets are? Well, on the other side is another bedroom. We took this entire wall down and will convert the bedroom behind to be one badass walk-in closet. 

The Bradford Home Design 7

Here is what is on the other side that will soon be our client’s master en suite. 

The Bradford Home Design 8

The Bradford Home Design 9

And our client will be completely redoing the exterior as well. The roof has already been replaced, and next up, some moody exterior finishes. 

The Bradford Home Design 10

Designs and Selections

Our conversations with the clients had us dreaming up some super fun ideas, which led us to these amazing designs! This has truly been a collaborative process from start to finish. Sending ideas to one another daily when we felt inspired and saw something we loved – which always makes for the best end product. 

Girl’s Bathroom

This right here will be her daughter’s bathroom. Hello, penny pink tile and cheetah print wallpaper! 


The Bradford Home Design 11


Wallpaper | Sink Faucet | Hardware | Bathroom Sink | Countertops | Shower Arm | Shower Head | Hand Shower | Valve | Shower Drain | Mirror | Lighting | Toilet Lever | Toilet Paper Holder | Towel Bar Hooks | Robe Hooks | Bathroom Floor | Shower Floor Tile & Niche | Shower Wall | Get Ready Station



And for the kitchen, the one thing our client knew she wanted was concrete flooring as she was so over the light oak hardwood flooring throughout her current home. Another thing was dark cabinets! We went with a modern vibe and can’t wait to see this come to life soon. 


The Bradford Home Design 12


Cabinetry Colors | Floating Shelves | Fridge | Oven | Dishwasher | Microwave | Sink | Pot Filler | Faucet | Countertop | Kitchen Backsplash | Pendant Island Lights | Dining Table Light | Sconces | Door Hardware | Drawer Hardware 


Main Living

The main living room will play off of the kitchen, so we went with the same dark and moody vibe to complement one another. This is the perfect space to do it as the entire wall adjacent to the kitchen is all windows to bring in that light and bright feel. 


The Bradford Home Design 13



Wall Paint | Foyer Light | Hallway Light | Picture Lighting Nook | Fireplace | Hardware | Trim | Interior Door Hardware


Dry Bar

We’ll also be doing a statement dry bar off the main level living area and kitchen. After seeing Jkath’s owner suite in their home, our client said she wanted that same cabinetry piece of furniture in this area. 


The Bradford Home Design 14


Countertops | Hardware | Accent Wall | Open Shelving 


Like I said, who wouldn’t want to be doing laundry in this room soon! This wallpaper is sitting in our office and I’m tempted to use it for myself, it’s so dreamy. 

The Bradford Home Design 15

 Sink | Faucet | Wallpaper | Countertops | Ceiling Light Fixture | Open Shelving 





The Bradford Home Design 16


Wall Paint | Wallpaper | Lighting/Fan | Flooring



Wall Paint | Lighting\Fan | Girls’ Bedroom Flooring 


Owner’s Bedroom

Wall Paint | Lighting/Fan | Closet Lighting


Owner’s Bathroom


The Bradford Home Design 17


Wall Paint | Shower Accent Wall – Single-Back Wall  | Shower Wall | Shower Floor | Main Floor Bathroom | Sink Faucet | Shower Head | Shower Arm | Handshower | Valve | Free Standing Tub | Tub Filler/Handshower | Mirror | Lighting | Tank Lever | Hardware | Sink | Toilet Paper Holder | Hand Towel Ring | Towel Bar Hooks | Countertop


Powder Bathroom 


The Bradford Home Design 18


Wall Paint | Accent Wallpaper | Main Bathroom Floor | Sink Faucet | Mirror | Lighting | Toilet Lever | Countertops | Toilet Paper Holder | Towel Bar | Hardware | Bathroom Vanity 



Renderings are also our favorite part of the project. To show our clients exactly how the finishing selections will look in their home. We can’t wait to see these come to life! 

Girls’ Bathroom 

I mean COME ON!! How fun does this bathroom look??

The Bradford Home Design 19

The Bradford Home Design 20

The Bradford Home Design 21


The contrast between the black cabinetry and white countertops, backsplash, and appliances makes for the perfect modern space, but it still has warmth. The gold accents add the perfect touch. 

The Bradford Home Design 22

The Bradford Home Design 23

The Bradford Home Design 24

The Bradford Home Design 25

The Bradford Home Design 26

The Bradford Home Design 27

Main Level 

The black fireplace surround will tie in with the kitchen, but it’s still its own statement piece.


The Bradford Home Design 28

And this is the dry bar that will now be revamping the cabinetry to look more like a furniture piece. 

The Bradford Home Design 29

The Bradford Home Design 30

Under Construction 

The guys have been hard at work, as we are currently under construction on the Bradford! We have loved heading over there to talk through the designs and see the progress being made to turn this house into the stunning designs and renderings that have been crafted. 

The Bradford Home Design 31

As I said, we took this entire home down to the studs. 

The Bradford Home Design 32

This wall will eventually be where the fireplace is. 

The Bradford Home Design 33

And here’s the kitchen! Doesn’t it look great?! 

The Bradford Home Design 34

We have run into a few hiccups while under construction, but nothing we couldn’t handle and overcome! One was asbestos, so we had to hire professionals to come in and remove it safely and dispose of it. So that set us back a couple of weeks. Another situation we ran into was some areas under the foundation had framing done, but not all. So we had to break up a lot of the flooring and relay concrete throughout the entire home. Which actually worked out just fine as our client wanted the concrete look for her finished flooring regardless. 

The Bradford Home Design 35

Here what was two separate bedrooms will soon be the owner’s ensuite and we’re adding in a powder bath! 

The Bradford Home Design 36

The Bradford Home Design 37

More goodness to come! We CANNOT wait to see The Bradford’s final product, and we more importantly cannot wait for our clients and all of YOU to see it. 

Stay tuned for the reveal of The Bradford coming soon!

The Bradford Designs


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