The Romance Between Succulents and Pastels


If you have been following design trends of late, you have probably noticed a fun plot twist unfolding in both minimalist and luxuriantly adorned interiors. This year, pastels are in, and so are succulents, and their innovative combinations are taking center stage in the world of home décor. From gentle wall paint numbers and potted plants lined up on window sills and peeking from living room corners to imaginative botanical details dancing across wall decals, carpets, table cloths, and upholstery, trending home looks this year are an embodiment of freshness and unimposing charm. Ingenious interplay of soft colors, textures, and organic details will inspire daydreamy mood, warmth, and coziness even in the most scarcely furnished interiors. Here are a few tips on how to add a refreshing vibe to your love nest and doll up your home using pastels and succulents.

1. Nature crawling up your walls


Florals are making a huge comeback on the home décor scene, and contemporary wallpapers with botanical elements are not far behind either. This does not mean that the grandma vibe is back to stay, though: nowadays, trendy wallpapers rock neutral tones and rich textures, with nature-inspired details often painted in bright or pastel tones to create a cozy backdrop rather than mimic bygone interior design trends.

2. Warm to touch, and to look at


Walls are not the only part of modern homes where pastels and nature-inspired patterns can be paired to achieve splendid visual effects. Organic elements are sneaking back into home fabrics too, so do not be surprised to see garden tables shod in oilcloths featuring botanical prints such as overflowing fruit baskets, hibiscus flowers, cherry blossoms, or even chili peppers. Cotton or linen table cloths with floral elements can be used to liven up a drab kitchen or dining room: a splash of vibrant color will help break up the décor monotony and create a focal point in the room.

3. Filter out negativity with pastel pots


Another charming blend of nature and pastels, pots and plant holders in soft hues will make an excellent conversation starter, and they will also draw attention away from shady room corners and furniture that has seen better days. Place your indoor succulent garden close to the window area: this way, you will be doing both your décor a favor and ensuring sufficient sunlight for your home flora.

4. Linens that smell like flowers – and look it, too


Linens with cherry blossoms, dandelions, or magnolia prints can spruce up the bedroom and brighten up your dreams with a dash of springtime charm. If you prefer a calmer boudoir vibe, however, you can opt for pastel linens and supplement them with blossom-speckled cushions – or you can drop botanical linens altogether and add a tree-shaped wall decal above the master bed instead.

5. A fun pastel twist to shabby chic furnishings


The fact that pastels are in does not mean that shabby chic has to go out the window, mind you. Monochromatic furniture in either white or pastel hues can be embellished with a few blossomy stickers or self-adhesive films with natural details such as leafs, branches, or flowers. Or, if you are crafty enough and eager to put your painting skills to a test, you can update your gentle-hued armoires and cabinetry yourself with just a touch of paint and a brush. (A word of advice: draw the nature-inspired details on the surface using a regular pencil before proceeding to paint them. Nothing looks worse than amateurishly concealed paint smudges and blurred lines.)

Pastel hues and succulents may not a home make – but they can certainly make it lovely and chic. For a charming décor twist, let soft colors and plants tango across your home: with these two additions, your living area will always have a cozy glow, even when days are dull and bereft of warmth.

Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own space.

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