The Wooded Way Reveal

The Wooded Way Reveal 1

We have been working hard on #thewoodedway project over the last year, from quoting it out to the designs plans to renderings, under construction, and styling at the end and we are so excited to share the final reveal with you today. 


As you can see the entire lower level was unfinished. Our clients built their home not long ago and left this to finish at a later date. We love finishing basements, they are hands down one of our favorite projects. After touring the space, we couldn’t wait to get started! Best of all, this home was located in Elk River, which is where our office is located. Jamie was pretty excited about the commute. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 2

Our clients knew they wanted two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a workout area within this space.

Where you can see these two doorframes below is where the bathroom and workout room are now. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 3

And one of the biggest requests from our client was to do a wood-burning fireplace, which we had never done before. It brought up a handful of challenges but we made it through and we can’t wait for this client to enjoy it throughout the winter! 

The Wooded Way Reveal 4

Where the blue tape is on the floor is where we added in a second bedroom that our clients turned into his music studio. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 5

And this is the area at the bottom of the stairs, the landing. Our client wasn’t sure what to do with this space and originally we were thinking storage but after getting to know this client and their needs we brought up a working station and they were excited and on board! 

The Wooded Way Reveal 6

The Wooded Way Reveal 7

The Wooded Way Reveal 8


After diving deep into selections and floor plans, the renderings are when all the hard work comes to life! Here was our vision for the space. Again, our clients wanted to go with a modern farmhouse feel and I think that’s exactly what we brought to life here! They also wanted minimal storage for clutter. One of the big must-haves from our client was that she wanted her Christmas tree under those lights, so nothing else there. She is my kind of momma! 

The Wooded Way Reveal 9

The Wooded Way Reveal 10

The Wooded Way Reveal 11

The Wooded Way Reveal 12

Under Construction 

We always try to get progress pictures as we go along on each project. We also document the progress on our stories and posts on Insatgram. The highlights on Instagram usually have each project listed as well as the progress along. If you’re interested in staying up to date with a project, this is usually where you will find the most up-to-date and helpful information. As construction has gone on, we’ve made sure to document the progress. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 13

The Wooded Way Reveal 14

The Wooded Way Reveal 15

The Wooded Way Reveal 16

The Wooded Way Reveal 17

The Wooded Way Reveal 18

The Reveal

Drumroll, please…

Here is the reveal! We are so happy with how everything turned out and the clients are even happier, and THAT is what it’s all about! 

The Wooded Way Reveal 19

We love how this transitioned from the renderings to the real thing. The stone work on the fireplace pulls in the concrete look of the wood storage underneath. We also love the texture that comes with the accent wall on either side of the fireplace as well as this beautiful mantle from Manomin Timbers

The Wooded Way Reveal 20

The Wooded Way Reveal 21

The Wooded Way Reveal 22

We love how this wall turned out! The guys did such a great job on it. One thing that was important for our client was to have ample space for a Christmas tree in this corner below, so when designing it out, we made sure it would all flow together.

We love the sconces on either side of the fireplace. For styling, we added artwork under the sconces to give it a cozier feel.

The Wooded Way Reveal 23

The Wooded Way Reveal 24

The Wooded Way Reveal 25

This client owns his own business and works on video editing, so it was important for him to have his own office. They wanted to have a barn door down here to play off of the accent wall, so Jamie got to work building this door!

The Wooded Way Reveal 26

The Wooded Way Reveal 27

We still can’t get over this office/homework space! It looks just like the renderings we dreamt up and we think it looks amazing. They are avid readers in this house and needed ample space to store their books, so adding in shelving was crucial. In the areas where books are not lined up, we added in a couple of decor pieces. This is something that can help bring dimension in as well as keep your style at the forefront. Adding in a couple of elements help to break up the areas. We have a blog post talking more about staying shelves. Check it out here

The Wooded Way Reveal 28

The Wooded Way Reveal 29

We love when our clients add in their personal touch to their space since they’re the ones living there anyway! They did exactly that by adding in this reading nook complete with the fun hanging rattan chair. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 30

How perfect is this!? We are absolutely obsessed with it. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 31

The other custom carpentry work that was done in this lower level remodel was the addition of this custom bunk bed for their son. Jamie got to work designing this out and building it to be this little dude’s dream room. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 32

The Wooded Way Reveal 33

The Wooded Way Reveal 34

I’d totally want to invite my friends over to hang in here with me! It’s such a fun space to grow into and an area that can be lived in for a long time. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 35

We also added in gym for these clients to make sure they had a separate space for their workouts. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 36

This bathroom was a fun one! We kept the fixtures pretty minimal since we went bold with the flooring. The shower was also kept neutral with white surround tile and a custom black shower door to draw your eyes down to the floor tile. We also added in black penny tile for the shower floor to bring out the black design in the floor tile. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 37

The Wooded Way Reveal 38

We kept the decor simple with a couple of pieces from our shop, and our favorite Kisa towels. 

The Wooded Way Reveal 39

The Wooded Way Reveal 40

The Wooded Way Reveal 41

The Wooded Way Reveal 42

The Wooded Way Reveal 43 

So, that’s the #woodedway completed! What do you think?! Make sure to head on over to our Instagram and look at the #woodedway highlights to see the total project from start to finish. For a more in-depth update of this project, check out the wooded-way design blog

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The Wooded Way Reveal 44


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The Wooded Way Reveal 45


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