Things to get ahead of in your business during COVID-19

Things to get ahead of in your business during COVID-19 1
If you’re like us and all of your meetings are cancelled and you’re working from home and have some downtime, now is the time take care of those things that have been lingering or neglected. 
Things to get ahead of in your business during COVID-19 2
So today we wanted to share some things we’re working on and a checklist to spend these next few weeks being productive and getting ahead! 
  • Create or update your company manual
  • Create or update your department processes
  • Update your employee job descriptions 
  • Review your needs/wants within your companies
  • Review, work on, or check off your 2020 goal spreadsheet
  • Clean up your CRM
  • Input all employee, friends, families, clients birthdays onto your calendar
  • Write thank you letters
  • Schedule out/assign client, employee, family, friends appreciation gifts for the rest of the year
  • Take those stacks of business cards and add them into your CRM and to LinkedIn
  • Schedule calls with people you’ve been meaning to connect with
  • Pay it forward and leave a few Google reviews for businesses you love and admire
  • Review pipeline, proposals, projections 
  • Review your LinkedIn connections and see where there is opportunity
  • Research brand partners, organizations, potential clients you’d like to partner or do business with and reach out
  • Create surveys and send out
  • Dive into the software you’ve been meaning to be more knowledgable on
  • Take online courses, schedule trainings, or tune into webinars
  • Optimize your Pinterest profile, write descriptions, create pinnable images
  • Catch up on your latest educational podcasts
  • Write your monthly/weekly newsletters
  • Create your social media content schedule
  • Submit your work/projects to publications, for awards, or any recognition platforms
  • Think of additional online revenue streams that you can implement into your business and create it
  • Organize and clean out your office while it’s empty
  • Review and update your website
  • Review your strategic plan and come up with a strategy to fast track
  • Blog your pants off! 

Download a PDF of the checklist HERE!

Things to get ahead of in your business during COVID-19 3

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