Timeless Teen Bedroom Design

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 1

We recently completed another e-design project, and we’re so excited to share more about this adventure.

We love taking on virtual clients because we can still help from afar and help create the space of our client’s dreams. It’s a way for us to bring c2s to them! Working with virtual design clients also helps us expand our range of knowledge based on the home location and extends our network with other amazing construction companies around the country. 

The design process

This client came to us because all her daughter wanted for her 12th birthday was to redo her room. Before, it was blue and white and still considered a “little girl’s room”. 

We started by sending over our design questionnaire to get a sense of her style and what she was looking for in her daughter’s new room. This was also meant to surprise her daughter, so it was a lot of back and forth to narrow down the style and design. Her daughter wanted a more neutral feel to her bedroom with added boho touches, modern, natural, and minimalist mixed in. 

When it comes to any new design, especially with virtual design, seeing inspiration is so important. So, when this client gave us access to their Pinterest, our wheels instantly started turning. It’s one thing to hear what the style is, but it’s another to see it and be able to put together bits and pieces, like a puzzle, that comes together to become one cohesive design. 

We were eager to get started with the design, and after seeing her Pinterest board and then meeting over Zoom, we knew we were ready to put the mood board together for this special space. 

The mood for the bedroom

Our mood board pulled inspo from our client’s Pinterest board, but also our own. We love to combine things that the client has seen but also put the c2s spin on it. 

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 2

As you can see from the mood board, there’s a mixture of boho and minimalist styles. We also thought to add an accent wall somewhere in her room with one of the terracotta paint swatches to bring in more of the boho vibe. We suggested doing a board and batten wall behind her bed and painting it in the terracotta color. 

This client is also a creative, and she was finding fun inspo online and sharing it with us consistently, which we love.  For example, after seeing the first round of selections and the concept board, she realized that the terracotta color might be too much, so she moved from that onto a sage green color for the accent wall behind her bed. 

This bedroom needed new closet doors, and she had a great idea that she saw on Instagram. Our client’s hubby is a handyman, so she said anything we could find a DIY for, he could handle. 


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This has been a fun design to put together and then see evolve throughout the design process. Even though this picture from Instagram inspired the idea of the rattan doors, we came to a conclusion and inspiration from Pinterest that kept the doors white and had partial rattan on the door instead of the whole door. 

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 3

Concept Boards

We provide concept boards to all design clients to see their selections together on one page and show the cohesion between them. 

As shown below, we kept the space neutral and added the sage color instead of the terracotta. In this concept board, there is wallpaper and the sage color behind her bed. This changed from the original idea of a board and batten wall in full terracotta to this. She wanted a fun element behind her bed but loved this wallpaper option we provided. 

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 4

We also added gold elements throughout the space to bring in the boho vibe, including closet door hardware and simple sconce lighting.

Something that was a specific ask from this client was a large, floor-length mirror. That was the one ask from the daughter, so we delivered with this beautiful, full-length mirror from Urban Outfitters.

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 5

Another item that we added in was a swing for her room. Currently, she has a white swing in her room, but we wanted to add in one that fits with the new vibe, so we went with this rattan chair from Urban Outfitters to fit with the rattan theme throughout. She also wanted additional seating for when friends come over and so she can sit in front of her mirror to get ready. The pouf from Crate and Barrel was the perfect addition to the space. 

And different than most…this is when our work ends. We did the sourcing, came up with the concept boards and layout options, and then gave it to the client to run with. As everyone knows, lead times are insane, so that some items might be on backorder or out of stock. This is where we let the clients decide if they want to wait on the selections or pivot the design slightly to get it done faster. 


We were so excited to receive the after pictures from these sweet clients of ours! Check out how they made these designs come to life.

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 6

Look at how cute and dreamy this room is! We love how it all turned out, and we are so thrilled to hear that this no longer feels like a “little girl’s room” and now feels timeless. Just how she wanted it!

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 7

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 8


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Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 9

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Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 10

Timeless Teen Bedroom Design 11

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