10 styling tips to make your home look like a magazine

10 ways to make your home look like a magazine | construction2style

1. Add Life

Greenery is always the best and most simple decor that adds a lot. Add some simple flowers, fresh vegetables, greenery, or even branches from your backyard. A simple vase full of fresh greens instantly adds life to your space and freshens up the look and feel without breaking the bank. And why not have planters of your favorite herbs as decor in your kitchen. Stylish and practical!

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2. Replicate a Spa-Like Bathroom

Think about the nicest hotel you have ever stayed at and what you loved about it. Now let’s replicate it in within your own home! Walk in shower, jetted tubs, large sinks, awesome mirrors, and wall sconces are some to name a few. However, it can also be as simple as the lush towels, shower curtains, scented candles, shampoo, and lotions.


The easiest way to create this look is to provide bathroom essentials for you and your guests. Fill up a basket or tray with soaps, sprays, and lotions. This instantly gives a high-end look but also makes your guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury hotel. Grab a new bath set of towels. Our favorite towels are from Pottery Barn and let me tell you we feel like a million bucks after we get out of the shower and wrap ourselves in those things. And they photograph pretty nicely too!

3. Mix it up with Throw Pillows

If you still have the free pillows that came with your couch, it’s time to get rid of them. There are so many fun pillow options out there, and pillows are such an easy way to spice up your space- especially during the seasons. You can mix and match your colors, textures, along with shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Make a statement. And pillows are an easy way to make one.

uffda pillow and floral pillow

4. Remove Countertop Appliances

Hide them all. It is easy to get blind sided but how much our kitchen counters collect. We get so used to seeing it all every day that sometimes our counters become completely covered, and we don’t even realize it. Either put them in the cabinets or find some cute baskets to store them. This will immediately declutter and give your kitchen a fresh and clean feel.


5. Add Baskets, Bowls, and Trays

If you have cute bowls, cutting boards, or cookbooks, leave them out for display. Whether it be in your kitchen or living room, baskets and trays are a must for collectively organizing and hiding your clutter. They are not only stylish but functional! This is another great way to add pops of color.


It’s always fun to arrange your ottoman tray for the seasons!

Reclaimed Wood Ottoman Serving Tray, construction2style

6. Curtains

Curtains are something a lot of homeowners overlook. To maintain a more high-end look think silks, linens, and damasks and don’t forget to get the black out panels. I’m also crushing right now on velvet. We’re incorporating a lot of velvet curtains into the living spaces of our newest home.

Hanging your curtains higher and wider also gives the illusion of a much larger space. The rule of thumb is 8-12″ higher and wider than the actual window. And don’t be afraid to use enough fabric. Don’t go skimpy on the fabric, puddles are my favorite.

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7. Update the Lighting

A lot of times we think we have to keep the lighting that comes with the home or even rental. Especially when it comes to the flush mounted lights, but this simple change can create the biggest impact on the space for not a lot of money. In our new nursery, we took down the flush mounted light that was in there and added this burlap wall light that we picked up at Lowes for under $20.


8. Furniture off the Walls

Another thing we’ve grown so accustomed to is pushing your furniture up against all the walls in your home. But try pulling your furniture away from your walls for a few days and see how you like it. It might seem weird at first, so this is why you need to give it a few days. Play around with your layout. I feel like we’re moving our living room furniture around every week to see what I like best.


9. Have a Large Statement Piece

Whether it be a rug, wall art, chairs, or couch, it’s good to invest in one nice piece for your space. It will draw everyone’s attention to this statement piece, and then you can decorate the rest of the room with more simple and less expensive pieces.

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10. Style your Shelves

We love to style our shelves, and it’s something we’ve given a lot of tutorials on. The secret to styling magazine worthy shelving is to make sure that everything looks pulled together and that your eye flows from one shelf to the next. Make sure to have a consistent color pallet, shift weight from side to side, and have a few large focal pieces. We love mixing old with new and ensuring that styling your space is not only stylish but is functional for your lifestyle. Add in books, clocks, statement pieces, as well as your personal style and touch. Are you a hunter like our client below? Do you love family photos or collect books? Just make sure to incorporate you into your projects.

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And don’t forget to download this printable below –> HERE. 

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