5 Benefits of Gardening with your Children

A few months ago we started planning out our garden bed and all the fun things we’d be growing in it. We spiced things up and added some color to our bed, and our fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers are growing like crazy!

It’s been such a fun experience learning alongside Greyson (4) and Beckam (2) just what to grow or even how to grow things for that matter. We’re on year two of having a full garden and already are jotting down notes for what to do and what not to do come next year.

5 reasons why you should garden with your kids | construction2style

We decided we’re probably going to give up on the corn next year and instead plant things that we can eat all summer long, like zucchinis. We’re already also planning on planting more perennials come next year, such as raspberries and strawberries, being we won’t have to replant them year over year, which will also save on money. And incorporate more perennials like rhubarb, asparagus, and blueberries for next year! Those are just some of the fruits we can’t keep stocked in our fridge.

5 Benefits of Gardening with Your Children | construction2style

What I’ve learned as we’ve created this garden with our little dudes is how beneficial it is to garden with your children. Some of the benefits that I’ve learned are:

  1. It’s been encouraging healthy eating.
  2. Teaching responsibility to take care of what they’ve worked so hard to create.
  3. How to learn from what’s working and what’s not working and then learn from and make needed changes.
  4. Educates where things come from.
  5. Quality family time together.

gardening with your kids | construction2style

One of my favorite things about creating this garden together with these boys is the questions they ask. Sometimes, I’ve even had to look the answer up for myself. And to also see the look in their eyes when within one day something has poked out of the ground and their excitement over it! Everything is so fascinating to them and also reminds me that it is completely new to them. Some of the things we’re growing we’ve never grown before, and they’ve never experienced them. Some of which, they’ve never even ate before.

gardening with your kids | construction2style

Without our garden and having them involved, I also don’t think I’d ever get them to eat so many fruits and vegetables. Now, even when they’re playing outside, they’ll just walk on over to their garden bed, grab a handful of green beans and have a little snack. Which also creates less whining for treats throughout the summertime! Ha!

gardening with your kids | construction2style

gardening with your kids | construction2style