DIY Gifts for Family & Friends

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for the people you love can be hard at times, especially when those people are ones that have it all. But in our opinion, there is no better gifts than those that are homemade. So today we rounded up some of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts for you and that we’ll be making this year! 

DIY Animal Memo Holder

These are my favorite and one’s I’ve made before thanks to Sugar & Cloth’s tutorial, which you can find HERE. Especially for that person that loves to host events, party plan and entertain. Get out those old toys of your kids that they don’t use anymore and get spray painting! 

Another fun thing, that I still need to make a tutorial on, is by taking my husband’s old trophies…like the ones that had dirt bikes, wrestlers and BMX riders on them… strip them down to those decorative pieces, spray paint them, and screw them into a cork screw and you have yourself some metallic new wine stoppers, which are sentimental too! Similar to what these look like above.

DIY Pine Scented Soy Candles

This is the perfect gift for any female in your life or even a gift for yourself any time of year. One of our new favorite DIY bloggers, Sugar and Charm has a full tutorial for you to make HERE.

DIY Fabric Covered Tree Ornaments

Alice & Lois is one of our favorite DIY blogs, because as you can see, they always make the cutest things! And we love making their DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments. You can get the full tutorial on their site HERE.

Makes for the perfect gift for those littles of yours or better yet, DIY holiday craft project you can do together and teach them. 

DIY Tea Towels

How adorable are these towels!? I can hardly believe they are homemade! But leave it up to Tell Love & Party and so thankful for this tutorial you can find HERE

DIY Tassel Earrings

Yet, another amazing tutorial by the wonderful Tell Love and Party – a full how-to tutorial on how to make these fabulous earrings. Any stylish woman in your life is going to love these! And even better if you’re the one who made them. Full tutorial HERE.

DIY Nail Polish Planters

You know we are all about our plants and planters! And have been giving plants away like hotcakes for any holiday, party or event. And Women’sDay has an amazing tutorial for you…can you believe they did this with leftover nail polish? You can find the full tutorial HERE.

So for any plant person in your life, grab you old nail polish…head to your local home improvement or plant store and grab yourself a pot and plant and you’ll have the best homemade gift for under $10. 

Sweetheart Quilt

Love how My Poppet made a full tutorial on how to make a sweetheart quilt for your sweetheart, which you can find HERE.

A quilt is one of the first things I made when for Jamie for Christmas back in 2013, right when we started dating and to this day he still loves and uses it. Except his is motocross themed. 

Homemade Makeup Bag

Another goodie from My Poppet is a homemade makeup bag! I’ve received a lot of these in my life, but not homemade, and have always appreciated a new updated makeup bag because if you wear makeup, you know how fast they can become nasty! And it’s also not something you go out and buy and splurge on. And how adorable are these?! They even used a washable fabric. So smart! 

You can find the tutorial HERE. 

Arm Knit Blanket

This is the new rage over the past year, the big and bulky knit blankets. And if you have been on the hunt to buy and haven’t my guess is because it’s super expensive! But with the DIY Mommy Tutorial, which you can find HERE, you are able to make your own in under an hour and for a lot less than what you’d buy one for. 

Kush Balls

Who remember Kush balls? Ya know, back in the 90’s! And has anyone else noticed the 90’s coming back not only in fashion but interior style?! 

How fun are these?! Thanks to Studio DIY, she made a full tutorial for you on how you can make these kush ball throw pillows, which you can find HERE

Makes for the perfect gift for that fun, fashion forward, or little in your life. 

DIY Palm Tree Leather Bag Charm

Another goodie from Studio DIY is her DIY Palm Tree (Faux) Leather Bag Charm, in which you can find the full tutorial HERE

Purse or bag charms are the perfect gift for any bag lady in your life. 

Leather Belts Turned to Earrings

I have a pile of old leather belts sitting in my closet that I haven’t used in years and thanks to Idle Hands Awake, I have finally figured out what I’m doing with them…making them into circle earrings for my friends and self. 

How incredible are these! Find the full tutorial HERE.

Any friend in your life who appreciates leather and the craft is going to love this as a gift. And if you have an old leather belt sitting in your closet, it’s basically free! 


DIY Clay Photo Holder

Another goodie from Idle Hands Awake is her clay rainbow photo holder. Full tutorial, HERE. 

I would love to have a few off these on my desk keeping me bright eyed and cheery all day! 

Cell Phone Case

For any friend or family member of yours that owns a cell phone, this gift is for them! And this way they’ll be thinking about you everyday! hehe. 

Chronicle Books Blog has a full tutorial for you on how to make these adorable herringbone phone cover case, in which you can find HERE. 

Camera Strap

Ok, this is the cutest darn thing I ever have seen from Design Love Fest, a DIY camera strap! Find the full tutorial, HERE.

I’m even figuring out ways on how to make this for my wallet cell phone. So clever and for any person with a camera, needs a good strap.