DIY: Summer Guest Bathroom Refresh

This summer, Matt and I bought our first home and spent the month of August updating it. We shared the before & after from our first phase back in September.

Then, we had a month where we took a pause on the projects and just enjoyed our new home, other than making our DIY live edge desk. After about a month’s break, we were ready to tackle the guest bathroom and went to work updating the space to make it more our style.

Back in August, we painted the vanity black and updated the hardware to gold pulls. That really changed the look of the bathroom, but we knew that we were still wanted to make some more updates. For our guest bathroom refresh, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money or have to revamp the space completely, so we focused on the lighting, mirror, and faucet. 


The bathroom was a decent size, and the layout worked well, but it lacked character and not our style. 

DIY: Summer Guest Bathroom Refresh

The Plan

Our initial plan included removing the popcorn ceilings, adding knockdown, and painting the vanity cabinet. The next steps were to replace the faucets and lighting. To save on costs, we planned to frame out the original mirror. 

Updating Our First Home | Guest Bathroom Refresh | construction2style

Phase One

The first phase was pretty simple since we were doing a lot of other updates to our home at the same time. We painted the vanity Pure Black by Behr, which really gave it a new look. Then, we added new gold pulls, which added a more modern feel. 

Our Main Level Living - Let There Be Light | construction2style


After the second refresh, the space looks so GOOD! This time around, we took the large, basic mirror out, replaced it with a round one, installed a new light fixture, and updated the faucet.

Updating Our First Home | Guest Bathroom Refresh | construction2style 

Our initial plan was to frame the original mirror to save on costs, but once we decided on buying a circle mirror, we knew it would make such a difference. And boy did it ever!

We love the new mirror and how it instantly modernized the space. Plus, we scored a 37″ diameter mirror for $120 on Amazon, which was such a great deal for the quality!

Updating Our First Home | Guest Bathroom Refresh | construction2style

Thanks to Delta and Ferguson Showrooms, we got a new sink faucet, and we are in love! The Matte Black Trinsic Single Hole Bathroom Faucet works so well in our bathroom.

The classic style and single handle make it super easy to use. It was a bit tricky getting our old faucet out, but the new one went in easily.

Updating Our First Home | Guest Bathroom Refresh | construction2style

Thanks to Bellacor, we also received this amazing Boudreaux Matte Black and Antique Gold Bath Light, which we are obsessed with! The style of the light goes so well with the other lights in our home, and it makes the bathroom feel a lot brighter. And thanks to Delaney Hardware, we were able to replace our towel ring, toilet paper holder, and towel bar with a matte black finish and a much more modern look.

Updating Our First Home | Guest Bathroom Refresh | construction2style

The best part about this bathroom update was that it was under $700, and the space looks completely different! Here’s the breakdown of the material costs:

  • Towel Rack: $20
  • Toilet Paper Holder: $10
  • Towel Ring: $12
  • Vanity Light: $260
  • Cabinet Hardware: $10
  • Vanity Paint: $15 for a quart
  • Mirror: $120
  • Faucet: $190

Total: $637

Such a fun transformation and we love having this updated bathroom done and ready for guests to use. Next up, our master bathroom!