How to Create a Gallery Wall

YA! Gallery walls make me so happy because they’re such a great way to tell a story and bring your personality into your home. Between an eclectic mix of photographs, paintings, wall art, or printable nothing shows your personality more than photos of your loved ones and art that reflects your style all in one gallery wall. And there’s nothing that I love more for home decor than personal photographs.

Choose Your Design + Layout

Think about the room where you are placing your gallery wall. Do you have a big open canvas? Is wall along a staircase, square, or extremely long? Do you have any furniture that will be placed in the room on one side of the wall or the other? Best rule of thumb is to leave at least 8 inches between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the frames.

First, figure out the space where you want the gallery to be. Then you’ll have to decide, do you want all photos? Or a more eclectic mix of photographs, paintings, wall art, and printables? We’ve done them all and each wall has a different purpose. If you are doing more of an eclectic look, to make sure that the pieces flow together, choose decor with similar colors and aim for a couple of feature elements with smaller decor pieces sprinkled in.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, play with different layouts and take a picture each time so you can go back to previous layouts until you get the right one.

Gallery Wall | construction2style

Know the Space In Between

The key to any gallery wall is knowing the space that you want in between the frames. Rule of thumb, I never space anything more than 6″ apart from one another. This again is hard, depending on the size of the space of wall you’re dealing with. When you’re doing more of an eclectic gallery wall, this rule of thumb goes out the window because you may have art and mirrors mixed with frames.

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Pick an Image Theme

Decide whether to print your photos all in color or black and white. Stick with a theme of family photos or landscape photography to keep the photos consistent and cohesive. With photo only gallery walls, we like to stick to a grid format for a clean and timeless look that will allow your photos to be the focal point, rather than the layout.

Gallery Wall, construction2style design

Hang, and don’t overthink it!

Use a level to make sure your frames are straight. Leave at least 3 inches between frames and 8 inches between top of furniture and frames. If your layout is a grid, use a pencil and measuring tape to get the same distance between all frames. For a more abstract layout, start with your statement piece in the middle and work outward from there.

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