How to Add Farmhouse Style

Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper and spaces all over Pinterest, the farmhouse design style is more popular now than ever. We love this simple, laid back style that’s makes for a beautiful, yet practical home. We’re sharing some tips on how you can add farmhouse style into your own home below.

1. Add a Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is a classic look in the farmhouse style and it’s pretty simple to DIY as well. We typically use MDF and then paint the shiplap with our go-to color, White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Whites can be tricky and when you look at this one in the store it looks more like a cream, but when you get it up on the walls, it’s the perfect white. Using shiplap as an accent wall above a fireplace or on all the walls of a smaller space, like a powder room, can make a statement and add interest to your room. Check out our tutorial on how to shiplap HERE.

How to add farmhouse style | construction2style

2. Use a Neutral Palette

Another key characteristic of modern farmhouse style is neutral and natural colors. The modern farmhouse style includes a variety of neutral tones like white, soft olive greens, pale dusty blues, and creams. These neutral tones are complimented with natural elements including jute rugs, simple greenery, and wood pieces. By keeping furniture like chairs and sofas neutral, it allows for reclaimed wood, black accents, and greenery to shine.

How to add farmhouse style | construction2style

3. Bring in Plants to Accessorize

We love plants with every style, but the farmhouse look is perfect for bringing greenery in. Whether it’s simple succulents on floating shelves or branches in a vase, bringing the outdoors in makes the farmhouse look feel natural and easy. Greenery is a great way to incorporate little bits of color into a simple color palette and also help make basements and other indoor spaces feel more alive and bright.

how to add farmhouse style | construction2style

How to Add Farmhouse Style | construction2style

4. Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is another element that works perfectly with the farmhouse style because it is reminiscent of old barn wood and evokes a rustic feel. Barn doors, mantles, and floating shelves are a great way to bring the reclaimed wood look in. Look for companies that treat the wood and make sure that there are no bugs or defects in the wood before bringing old wood into your home. Restored hardwood flooring is another way you can bring in the reclaimed look to farmhouse style.

5. Add in Black Accents

Bringing in black accents is the perfect compliment to the neutral palette of the farmhouse style. Use black lighting in the bathroom, a black finish for your faucets and fixtures, and black hardware on cabinetry and doors. Black finishes stand the test of time and will bring a classic and timeless look to your farmhouse style.

How to Add Farmhouse Style | construction2style

6. Create a Simple Layout

The farmhouse style roots date back to classic farmhouses in the mid-19th century in rural America, so practicality and simple design is part of the style. Open floor plans that are practical for busy families, but still include beautiful design elements is are important in farmhouse design. Barn doors used to separate rooms allow for flexibility in keeping rooms open or being able to close them off for privacy when needed. In this modern farmhouse basement, we made use of this long, narrow room by creating a read nook by the fireplace and then placing the sectional in the middle section, and closing off the guest bedroom with a barn door.

7. Use Practical Materials

Along with a simple layout, practical materials like cotton, wool, and jute are a great way to keep your farmhouse simple, yet beautiful. The farmhouse style is easy and relaxed and works well for families that want to enjoy being in their space, without being worried about spills or the space feeling stuffy. Find fabrics that are easy to wash and materials that are simple to clean in order to keep the space practical and perfect for kids.

How to Add Farmhouse Style | construction2style

8. Include Industrial Elements

The industrial style and farmhouse style typically have similar looks and compliment each other nicely. To add to the rustic feel or the farmhouse style in a more modern way, bring in industrial elements like wrought-iron pieces or oversized clocks. Exposed brick and concrete accents are another way to incorporate that industrial feel to the farmhouse look. To shop this style and read more ways on how to bring the farmhouse look into your home, head HERE.

How to Add Farmhouse Style | construction2style

Incorporate any of this tips into your farmhouse space? We want to see! Tag us at @construction2style so we can see how you brought the farmhouse style into your home.