The 10 Most Extreme Pumpkin Carving Stencils – Try if You Dare!

As you know, we get super into holidays here at c2s! And Halloween is always a fun one with the costumes, candy, and pumpkin carving. Tonight, we’re carving pumpkins with the boys and we found some super fun stencils. They are pretty extreme, so we may not be going this intense, but we dare you to try them! 

And if you’re not into the pumpkin carving, but want to add some last minute decor, check out our DIY Halloween Macrame.

DIY Halloween Macrame | construction2style

Now, let’s get to the stencils!

Pumpkin-Carving-Stencils | contract2style

Photo: Pumpkin Carving Design

Creepy Face

For a more simple option, this creepy face can be done on any size of pumpkin and adds a spooky element to your front porch.

Halloween-Pumpkin-Carving-Stencils-1 | construction2style

Photo: Pumpkin Carving Design

Witchy and Wild

That’s for sure. These are a little less scary – for the younger ones, but still a challenge to carve!

Pumpkin-Carving-Stencils-3 | construction2style


Photo: Pumpkin Carving Design

Freebie Best Stencils Ever

Freebie has great pumpkin stencils. Some scary, some not so much, but all are challenging and look great!

400-Scary-Halloween-Pumpkin-Carving-Stencils-Ideas-Patterns-2019-free-download-printables | construction2style

Photo: Courtesy of Design Bolts

Freddy vs Jason Stencils

Halloween would not be complete without Freddy and Jason! So why not have cool – and challenging – stencils this year?

Freddy vs Jason Pumpkin Stencils | construction2style   

Photo: By Spirit

Create Your Own

The best part about pumpkin carving is that there are so many ideas out there and you can really create whatever you want! Make your own stencil by finding own or drawing it out and then cut it out and get to carving.

111-Worlds-Coolest-Pumpkin-Designs-to-Carve-This-Fall | construction2style

Photo: Courtesy of HomeEsthetics

However you carve those pumpkins, make sure you have fun. Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

The 10 Most Extreme Pumpkin Carving Stencils - Try if You Dare! | construction2style