Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper | construction2style

We’re out at Junk Bonanza this week talking all things wallpaper! Wallpaper is back and hotter than ever except this time, homeowners are finding new fun ways to use them in a space instead of just simply wallpapering all the walls. Today we wanted to share some different unique ways we’re incorporating wallpaper and ways we’re seeing it being installed.

Stair Treads

How much fun is this?! Looks like a bookshelf when in fact it’s a staircase. There’s a ton of cool wallpaper stair ideas and a space that often gets overlooked to add some fun designs into. Adding a unique element to your stairs allows them to become a focal point, rather than a structural piece that’s just part of your house.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 1


You can find these wallpaper decals here.


We are all about fun ceilings over here at C2S and although we’ve haven’t done wallpaper on the ceiling yet, this picture is totally inspiring us to do so. Adding interest to your ceiling can make smaller rooms feel larger and more interesting. It’s also a great way to bring in pops of color, without making the space feel too overwhelming.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 2



From adding wallpaper to the front panels of your cabinetry to incorporating wallpaper into the inside of your dressers for a fun surprise, it’s not something you typically think of with wallpaper, but it’s the perfect option to add some pop. We love incorporating wallpaper into the side of dresser drawers as a fun element that’s not often seen, but adds a unique surprise when the drawers are opened.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 3


Within Paneling

Instead of having an entire room in your wall be an accent wall, think about framing wallpaper within paneling. This not only allows you to save on costs because you’re not installing wallpaper on the whole wall, but it also makes it look like it’s a framed art piece! We love this idea as a focal point in a dining room or behind the sofa in the living room.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 4


Cover a Door

Doors are another element like the staircase that can easily be overlooked, but they’re a great spot to incorporate something fun. Adding wallpaper to a door adds an element of intrigue about what’s behind the door and makes you want to open it. This would be a really cool look on the inside of a kids bedroom to show off their personalty.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 5


Around a Fireplace

Rather than using tile or stone around the fireplace, think about wallpaper, especially if the fireplace is not a working fireplace, so that there is no fire hazard. Another way to incorporate wallpaper with a fireplace would be above the mantle as an accent or almost like a piece of art like we mentioned before.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 6



Finally, there are some really cool designs of wallpaper that actually look like tile and we love it! In a basement bar or coffee nook, backsplash wallpaper is a great way to add the look of tile and texture, without all of the material and labor costs.

Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper 7


You can get these peel and stick off of Amazon for under $100 here.

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