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Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite holidays! Even back in the day when I was single, I loved Valentine’s Day. Whether it was getting together and loving on my girlfriends, or now with my husband and kids, this month just always makes me so happy.

If you’re looking for something for your girl, guy, or little, we put together a shopping guide for you.

And this year the boys and I are putting together and giving their friends Legos. A couple of months ago they both got into Lego, and it’s so fun to watch them build all these things that they dream up with their imagination. So we also created these tags that you can download, and print off for free too. We wanted to thank and encourage their friends in school to build one another up!


Valentine's Kids Print | construction2style

Download the “Building Me Up Valentine” print HERE

Even at 34-years-old, I still love giving Valentine’s Day cards out to my friends. So we also whipped up some free adult Valentine’s Day cards.

Adult Valentine's Printables | construction2style

Download the Valentine’s Printables HERE

And we can’t forget about your Valentine’s Day home decor.

Printables are one of our favorite ways to decorate for any holiday. How easy to bring some holiday decor to your home! And best of all, they are free. This “I love us” sign we’ve printed and framed in ours and some of our clients’ homes. It’s one that you can have hung throughout the year, not just for Valentine’s.

Valentines Print 1 | construction2style


Download the “I Love Us” print HERE

We made this print, in a different font, in our past home within our bathroom, and another for a clients living room and now within our kitchen decor for Valentine’s. Whether it’s the holiday or year round, it’s a perfect free printable.

Love these cool dudes, and couldn’t picture anything more perfect. We’re always messy, we yell, we fight, and love hard… I love us.

Valentine's Decor | Free Valentine's Printables | construction2style

Valentine's Decor | Free Valentine's Printables | construction2style

Hope you all can feel and send out all of the love this month. And know how much we love and adore all you guys.


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