WayFair DIY Blanket Forts

Wayfair Throw Blankets

We recently became Wayfair Homemakers and are beyond excited about it and this is our first sponsored post.


It has been non stop raining here in Minneapolis for the last couple days, snow is around the corner (which secretly makes me really happy)!  It also makes me want to stay cuddled up at home on the couch, especially with our new soft and adorable lush blanket Wayfair just sent us. They mailed us this throw blanket and challenged us to get creative with it.

One of my favorite memories that I have as a child was building forts. Indoor our outdoor, my brothers, cousins and I made the best forts. My dad used to take old doors from our home and go and put them in trees for us to build forts from. And let me tell you, we had some pretty bad ass forts.

So when we got this adorable Wayfair throw blanket in the mail, we knew exactly what we were going to do with it- build a fort!

We were challenged to build 1 of 4 forts from Wayfair and Grey chose the Fort Cushington tower. Yeah, I didn’t know what that was either. But Grey taught me how to build one in 3 simple steps.

How to Build a Blanket Fort



  • Blankets, sheets
  • Pillows, cushions
  • Ottoman, table


Fort Cushington

The “Fort Cushington” is designed with defensibility in mind. It is also best executed with a sofa that has removable back and seat cushions, but in this case, the firmness of the cushions are a much more important consideration. You never know when an attacker may leap upon the fort’s roof, and the cushions will need to hold up.

1. Build Roof

Grey used the sofa cushions for the roof of his fort. Our ottoman helped support the roof so it wouldn’t cave in.


2. Cover with blankets

Spread the blankets or sheets out and drape it over the pieces of furniture to create the castle. We overlapped the blankets so we could have an extra large fort. If you have wild animals inside your fort, you might want to close-pin the blankets or sheets together.




3. Body Guard

No fort is complete without a body guard for your front entrance. The most important step! Make sure you stalk the fort with essentials… mom and dad for protection, snacks, a flashlight, etc. IMG_8587
And have some fun!
IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8594 IMG_8593

IMG_8597Grey thought it was so funny that his daddy was enjoying his fort more than him. 

IMG_8600 IMG_8601

 IMG_8609Who needs toys when you can build fun forts! Grey spent the entire morning in his fort, it was too cute. Thanks again Wayfair for sponsoring this post and for the lush blanket!

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