Aesthetics In Interior Design: Art, and Where Aesthetics and Function Collide

1. The power of artistic repetition

To boost the impact of interior design, turn to the artwork that complements colors and patterns of the décor. For peak aesthetic decor effects, select furnishings and accessories that mimic the linear structure of showcased artwork: this will further amplify the sense of unity of your art collection and room style.

2. Aligned for aesthetic splendor

Color and pattern are important when dressing up your space with art, but placement is no less vital if you’re looking to achieve a well-rounded home look. By grouping artistic elements and furnishings similar in terms of design and color, you will instantly define a focal point in the room and transform your living area into a visual masterpiece in its own right. You can use this trick when looking to organize open-plan rooms into different visual wholes, for as long as you don’t overdo the color palette with one too many bright hues.

3. Fine art collection multiplying

Don’t be afraid to mix and match multiple art elements in your home: artwork created by the same artist or elements similar in terms of technique will increase visual interest in the room while preserving aesthetic balance and stylistic cohesion. A few paintings placed together on a vacant wall will function as the room centerpiece and naturally draw attention away from the rest of the décor. Combining various forms of artwork is a clever design tool for transplanting color and pattern across the room, and you can also use it to achieve and emphasize stylistic harmony throughout your home.

4. Making color scheme work for you

Many homeowners are wary of experiments with contrasting hues and often opt for tone-on-tone patterns to avoid a haphazard visual impression. Still, a monochromatic or two-tone décor will quickly slide from chic to tedious, and once it does, it’s time to turn to bold pops of color to break up the visual uniformity. Artwork in daring color combinations will increase interest in minimalist interiors and enrich ambiance with a playful, artistic note. Deep red, violet, royal blue, and burnt orange all make strong accent hues, so if your living area is looking a bit duller for wear, pick an avant-garde painting to introduce a fresh summer breeze and contrast in the room.  

5. An artistic reflection of sophistication

If you don’t feel like experimenting with multiple pieces of art for fear of garish visuals in your home, you can turn to mirrors and high-polished surfaces and let the power of reflection do the magical aesthetic trick for you. Oversized mirrors placed along blank walls or ceilings will produce a sense of aesthetic repetition and drastically increase the interest in the room without the need for any additional artistic updates. You can achieve the same visual effect by selecting purpose-built internal doors with a highly reflective finish – and if you want to dress your home in a cloak of visual illusion, you can also add full-size mirrors to your sliding doors and conceal entryways while boosting the room’s aesthetic value at the same time.