7 best spaces and places for wallpaper


The wallpaper on a bedroom wall livens up the space and adds an element of surprise without taking over the entire room. We love how they showcase the bed, creating a focal point, and draw you into the space. One accent wall is perfect if you're intimidated by wallpaper and want to start small and it is also fairly inexpensive. Instead of doing an accent paint color wall, give wallpaper a try. You'll love it!


Here is Beckam's nursery where we used wallpaper from Rebel Walls that look like a forest. This wallpaper makes the wall pop and creates a natural and earthy feel in this modern bohemian-style nursery. I had a friend over this past weekend asking if it was one big sheet, but it was actually four separate sheets and you can't even see the creases. We just did the one wall to create an accent wall. Beck's nursery is a pretty small space so I thought if we did all four walls it might look even tinier. So we painted the other remaining walls white to brighten up space.


Even though the bathroom is a small space, the wallpaper in this room adds drama and incorporates fun patterns, like in this amazing bathroom. It's also a good way to bring in an element of fun without having to use wallpaper in the entire space. I honestly think bathrooms are one of the most fun spaces to put wallpaper within. Especially if it's a powder bath because it's a small enough room and one that you won't get sick of. And if it's a space for guests I guarantee they will always be wow-ing up your room.

Laundry Room

Who wouldn't want to do laundry in this room? While the laundry room isn't a place where you normally hang out, this wallpaper creates a soft, cozy vibe and makes the room feel more inviting rather than a room you just go to for throwing clothes in the wash.

Living Room

Love, love this space. In this living room, the wallpaper pattern ties in other elements in the room such as the table and chairs. Bright large-scale floral prints are a hit right now. I like the simplicity of the solid color in this design. With wallpaper like this, you could even have little next to no decor to make a big impact.

Dining Room

Dining rooms used to be stuffy but adding some wallpaper makes this dining room so fun! Rather than buying large artwork for the room, install wallpaper that makes the whole room look like a piece of art.

Home Office

And finally, the office. If you want to update your home office but don't know where to start, consider this faux brick wallpaper for an easy makeover. It looks super cool plus it gives the illusion of a brick wall for a much lower cost.