How to avoid damage when removing popcorn ceilings

Soak the Ceiling

To help the material come off easier, spray the ceiling with warm water or warm soapy water until it’s soaked. Painted popcorn ceilings can sometimes be stubborn, so make sure to spray two or more times for absorption. 

Use the right tools

Using the proper tool can be the difference between a scratched ceiling and a seamless removal. We recommend a 12-inch putty knife over a 6-inch, not only for time but it will have a bigger surface of scraping power. There actually are popcorn removal tools.

Take your time 

When removing popcorn ceilings, you will learn it can be a tedious process, but it’s essential to slow down, and don’t rush. Slow, long strokes in the same direction can get a lot of material off at once, but also keep the knife from catching the drywall and leaving a scratch or gouge. 

Don't force it 

If the popcorn is being stubborn and you are finding yourself getting snagged up, don’t stress or force it! Make sure you soak the ceiling further, or move on to another area and come back later. 

If damage occurs

Just breathe, it’s ok, it happens to the best of us. Replace any damaged drywall, or smooth out any gouges or scratches with some drywall compound. You will need to let it dry overnight so it can delay your process a bit. Once it’s dry, simply sand over any uneven areas, and it’s ready for primer and paint!