Our Top 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape

1. Pick your tablescape color scheme

- Choose colors based on your overall decor - Choose colors for fall  - Stick with a theme - Go bold with colors like reds & oranges - Stay more neutral with browns and tans  

2. Gather materials 

- Start with items from c2s shop  - Use items with varying heights  - Bring in texture with dried floral 

3. Start with the tallest items 

- Start with taller items such as candlesticks  - Cluster in the middle  - Stagger out towards the end  - Add taller vases or grasses to the ends of the table

4. Supplement with smaller pieces 

- Supplement with dried floral and  pampas  grass - Add different sized vases  and candlesticks  - Add in other various decor pieces  like a cutting board or wood chargers 

5. Finish with the details 

- work outwards to your dinnerware and flatware setting.  - We started ours off with a wooden charger plate,  - layer  dinner plates, salad plates, and  soup/salad bowls.