Planning Your Home Renovation with Extended Lead Times

Finalize Your Designs

This is the first thing we do with all of our clients. We make sure we lock in all final selections with everything from cabinetry style, paint color, light fixtures etc. We'd recommend this to anyone DIYing as well! That way, you have a set plan of all materials & finishes you need in the space. 

Create Material Tracker 

Next, we create a spreadsheet that lists out all of the final materials that we will need to order, breaking each room out into its own tab. This is where we track tile quantities, number of cabinet pulls needed, etc. We then start researching each material online and/or checking in with our vendors and noting the lead time for each material on our spreadsheet. If there's cabinetry in your project or a specialty tile, chances are those will be the items with the longest lead times.

Start Ordering 

Once we fill out the materials tracker and know our longest lead time for the project, we start to order. We order as many things ahead as we can to avoid stock issues and discontinuations of products. If there's a pretty standard tile that's typically in stock, we do hold on ordering those for a few more weeks to avoid clustering of materials in the construction zone.

Plan Project Timeline

After we have a better scope of when materials will arrive, we are able to plan out our project timeline to be consistent with when materials are arriving. That way, you won't be living in the construction zone longer than you need to be! 

Start  Renovating 

Once the bulk of your materials have arrived, you should be ready to start your renovation. And, by planning ahead, you'll run into less issues with lead times and hopefully be able to cruise through your project with ease.