Caseta Lighting 

If you guys have been here for a while, you know how much we love our Caséta by Lutron. We started using their products in our home three years ago and now incorporate them into our client projects.  Our favorite thing about this brand is that you don't have to be an electrician or any sort of expert to be able to install them, they're perfect for any homeowner. And that truly is because they believe that every homeowner should have peace of mind. Which exactly what it has given us over these last few years.  Whether we're on vacation, and we want to make it look like someone is home, or simply for convenience when the boys forget to shut off all of the lights and with the app on our phone we are able to turn them off, or when entertaining and we want to set the mood... it's been a game-changer in our home.  With Caséta smart dimmers and switches, you don’t need to buy smart bulbs to enjoy smart lighting. And since each dimmer switch can control multiple bulbs, you get a lot more control with a lot less investment.

Smart Scheduling

We love these lights because we're able to set the lights on a schedule. We can have them all turn on at the same time in the morning as a type of alarm and help get the boys up, and have them go off at the same time every night. They also have a feature called the Sunset Tracker which controls the lights without fail — even when the season changes, and you gain or lose an hour.


With Caseta lights you're able to control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a scene — so you can transform a room from “Sport Court Fun” brightness to “Bed Time” mood in no time. And a super nice feature is being able to control all the lights from my phone from any place. We love this because as I mentioned before, we can set the tone of the night if we're entertaining or if we're having a movie night. 

Full Smart Home 

The Caseta lights work with almost all smart home devices. You can have Alexa control the lights, or use it with your Ring doorbell for your lights to turn on in your entryway and patio when someone rings your doorbell. Even your smartwatch can be paired with Caseta lights.  We love the ease, reliability, and personalization that comes with Caseta lighting. We knew when building our sport court that we wanted to have Caseta lighting in there as well to make it easy on everyone, and I am so happy we went with them. It's already made everything easier on me!