We’re Moving …

moving to new office

The c2s crew is moving! It was a sad day this past week as we said goodbye to our c2s home office, on the cutest little main street of downtown Elk River – which is right along the Mississippi River, and ten miles from our family home.

The office we’ve built our business within. The home to our c2s family since the very beginning. Where we learned, grew, laughed, cried, celebrated the wins, and endured the losses. We hosted workshops here, we welcomed others from the industry in to co-work and we all develop and grew together.

Right here. We even office-shared with what is now a dear friend – and learned so much together throughout that experience. At one point there was a good 15 of us working in this 800 sq. ft space, running a few separate companies. 

This office space was a place that not only our team came too, but also where our babies were halfway raised – watching us work away late nights and on the weekends. And Ellie came to work with me full time for her first full year of life here.

This building held a lot of memories for us over the years. But we are very excited for what’s ahead! Something that has been a goal of ours for a handful of years, and we’re finally making it happen.

And if you’re wondering what that is all about, you’ll have to join our newsletter where we’ve already been sharing the details and will continue to do so on – WHAT’S NEXT! You can sign up for our newsletter here.

We're Moving ... 1

This space was nothing fancy, but let me tell you, I bawled like a baby standing in this empty space. We always knew we wouldn’t be here long term, so we never ended up putting a lot of work into it – but it happened so that we were here for quite a while. HA!

It probably also didn’t help that we moved out the same week our babies were starting school again – hence all the feels. I truly did love this space. It was only ten minutes from our home, and our kids’ school and daycare. But one thing that we’ll share about what is next is we’re moving to a more central location.

Our team lives all over the metro, as well as our clients and the showrooms we utilize. So while Jamie and I will have to sacrifice a bit more car time, our team and clients will appreciate it! We’ll just get that much more podcasts in throughout the day. And we’re going to be able to do and offer so much more in our next place. 

We're Moving ... 2

Prior to the clean out, let’s take a walk down memory lane…

We're Moving ... 3

We're Moving ... 4

We're Moving ... 5

We're Moving ... 6

We're Moving ... 7

We're Moving ... 8

SEO Workshop | construction2style

SEO Workshop | construction2style

SEO Workshop | construction2style

We're Moving ... 9


We're Moving ... 10

We're Moving ... 11

We're Moving ... 12

We're Moving ... 13

This was the river views to the Mississippi. It was gorgeous all year round. Whether it was winter, spring, summer or fall. However, my favorite was winter … that’s when the river would be filled with gorgeous big white swans. 

We're Moving ... 14

We're Moving ... 15

We're Moving ... 16

Our selection area is going to get a whole lot better in our new place … 

We're Moving ... 17

We're Moving ... 18

Goodbye, dear friend! I know the next tenants will love this area and the tenants in the building just as much as we did. You’ll always have a special place in my heart! There is going to be a couple months lull into we move into our next new place, so until then the c2s crew will be working from their homes if you’re looking for us.  And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter as we take you on the journey of what’s next… You can sign up for our newsletter here. 


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2 months ago

On to new adventures!!