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Happy due week to us!! We canNOT believe this week is finally here. Ten months is a loooooong time yet when the week arrives; you’re wondering where all the time went?!

I’ve measured five weeks early for the last few weeks so in my head I feel like it was going to come any day. Of course, that didn’t happen, but we’ve had our bags packed and ready to go for some time now. This isn’t our first rodeo, but for some reason, I had forgotten absolutely everything we did and packed for Greyson’s birth. So we’re documenting everything we’re packing in our hospital bags for you first-time mommas or even second or (Jamie willing) our 3rd child so we don’t forget our absolute must-haves.


Checklist for Momma

  • 2 breastfeeding nightgowns
  • 2 robes
  • 10 pairs of the biggest and ugliest granny panties you can find
  • slippers
  • cozy socks
  • breast pads & pads
  • nipple cream
  • lavender stick
  • toiletries
  • yoga pants with a thick waistband
  • maternity tank top
  • a light zip up
  • Maxi dress

Breastfeeding Nightgowns & Robes – The breastfeeding nightgowns and robes are something I live in the last trimester and the entire year post baby while breastfeeding. Last go around my cousin gave me hers and told me that it was super awesome to use at the hospital. I have yet to give it back to her (Ha!), it’s the most amazing thing to wear through pregnancy and post baby. They are so comfortable, and the easiest access for the babes that you feel like are attached to your boobies 24/7.


Granny Panties – Yes, there will be blood and gross things coming out of you for weeks. And comfort is key while at the hospital and home while recovering. So I just pick up some big ‘ol comfy undies and then just toss them once I’m done. Don’t splurge on anything fancy is all I got to say.

Slippers – You’ll be making a lot of walks down the hospital hallways so slippers are a must.

Breast Pads & Pads – Typically the hospital will provide all of this, but I also have my brands that I love so I just grab a few to bring with me just in case. Once you’re home, you’ll want to make sure you stocked up.

Nipple Cream – This was a saving grace. If you’re going to attempt breastfeeding those nipples in the beginning will probably crack and bleed. Nipple cream is a saving grace and brings comfort instantly. There are a lot of different brands out there that I’ve tried and I have a few. My favorite is Mother Love, which you can find HERE. 

Lavender Stick – My friend gave me a lavender stick for labor and it was incredible! I sniffed the crap out of that thing. It really did work wonders for trying to relax through those contractions. I almost wished I would have brought a complete diffuser with lavender. Not sure if the hospitals allow that or not, but I think I’m going to ask!

Toiletries – Of course the essentials:  shampoo, lotions, face wash, washcloths, glasses and your toothbrush. I even splurged and got some fancy toiletries to bring a little more comfort and excitement into the recovery.

Clothes to go Home in: Yoga Pants, Maternity Tank, Zip Up, or a Maxi Dress- And lastly the essentials for when you’re ready to go home and make the drive in comfort. Since I ended up having a c-section, the thick waist band is a must as you don’t want your pants to end up right at the incision. But if it’s spring or summer in your area a maxi dress is all you need. Something that’s not too tight.


Checklist for Daddy

  • camera fully charged
  • cell phone charger
  • cash
  • change of cloths for 2-3 days
  • blanket, pillow
  • toiletries
  • podcasts downloaded
  • momma’s favorite movies downloaded
  • push present

Camera – The most important thing, if you ask me, is your camera. And of course daddy will be in charge of those shots. I’d just recommend having a conversation prior to make sure he gets the shots that you want and the ones that you don’t want! Haha! There was absoloutely no camera allowed during labor for us but once that baby came out we wanted to be sure to capture all of the moments, but not too many where we weren’t living in them. Most hospitals also have a professional come around and capture some shots so make sure to look into that if you prefer to be in the moment then you know you can get some first day baby ones later when things have settled down.

Cell Phone Charger – For some reason I always forget my cell phone charger, so we already have an extra one packed up and in the bag. You want to be sure you have a list of people you want to call or send texts to, so you need to make sure your phone is fully charged.

Cash – Depending on the hospitals the food might not be all that great, so make sure to have some cash on hand for daddy to run to the vending machines or even tip for some good takeout.

Change of Clothes – You just never know how long your going to be staying in that hospital depending on the situation of your labor. Last time, I think Jamie only had enough clothes for 1-2 days when we ended up being there for a few.

Blanket & Pillow –  Typically the couches the partner get to stay on are all not that great. We birthed at a pretty stylish hospital (in my opinion), and the couches were very modern, which also means very uncomfortable, haha! Poor Jamie had the tiniest sheet to cover himself up in and the worst pillow. So this time around he’s making sure that he’s bringing his own pillow and blanket. He thinks they do that on purpose so you don’t just sleep and you help take care of the babes, haha! Could be.

Toiletries – And of course daddy needs all of his essential toiletries too, packed up and ready to go.

Podcasts Downloaded – We are obsessed with our podcasts. So we’ve made sure we have a list of some new ones for us to listen to while we are relaxing and chilling at the hospital.

Movies– And this goes for movies too. You might not have a lot of time to watch movies, but it’s always nice to have something on in the background for when you’re bed bound.

Push Present – And of course a little push present! Those momma’s need a little extra love post baby for all the hormones and emotions that they go through, so don’t forget to bring a little extra surprise for them to feel the love. And I think this goes for the daddies too. I do have a little something packed up and ready to go for Jamie, as they have emotions too and need a little extra thank you for dealing with us crazy mommas!

Checklist for Baby

  • car seat
  • swaddle blankets
  • an adorable newborn outfit (for baby to go home in)
  • an adorable newborn baby hat


Car Seat – The most important thing to make sure you have packed, the car seat. The hospital has everything you need to take care of the baby, but when it’s time to bring them home a car seat won’t be one of them. Make sure to have that baby locked and loaded and ready to go in your car. For you first time parents who might not know how to get these things in your car, don’t be embarrassed, you can run by the fire hall and they will install it for you free of charge, and then you also know it’s in there the correct way safe and sound.

Swaddle Blankets – Swaddle blankets were our saving grace. Babies love being snuggled up all nice and tight since that is what they are used to. Plus, you can never have too many swaddle blankets on hand as they spit up and pee on them all the time. Also, they make for adorable newborn photos when they’re all swaddled up in them.

Outfit – The hospital will give you some onesies but of course, being the crazy momma that I am, I wanted Greyson to go home looking so cute for his big day!

Hat – Newborn hats are another thing that you can’t have enough of! You’ll want your babies ears covered up for the first time out and about, so make sure to pick up one or two cute newborn hats. They also make for some cute pictures! However, the hospital also does give you a couple too.

I’m sure I’m missing a million more essentials but that’s what we have packed! And if we forgot something, oh well, I guess Jamie can always run out. What was the must haves that you absoloutely needed in your bag? Would love to know before we head in!



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