Yoga in Prison | Noah’s Story

Yoga in Prison | Noah's Story 1

Hey guys, Noah, here.

So one thing that has been constant throughout my prison sentence is yoga.

That’s right. Not only did I go to prison and learn how to share my feelings and emotions, but yes, I got into yoga. Another positive thing I’ve learned while in here that I’ll continue to practice on the outside. 

Ya, I know it’s 2019, and there are no longer labels, and the lines of what is expected for a man has all but disappeared, but those lines haven’t vanished so quickly in prison, and it didn’t come without criticism.

Luckily, there are plenty of other secure guys here that are willing to put themselves out there and practice something so healthy for you.

If you are looking to improve your mind, body, and soul then this is the complete package. I started almost immediately in Milan, MI, when I took a class that was taught by another inmate, his name is Gunnar. He ended up coming to Yankton a couple of years ago now, he works with me in the kitchen, and we are both attending the current class that is taught by an outside instructor.

After that first class I went to, I was hooked. But I didn’t take another class until I got to Yankton. However, I continued to practice two days a week out on the prison yard with my good friend CJ, this didn’t go without teasing of course, but that has never bothered me.

The leading motivation was I was looking for something that complemented weightlifting, and a friend recommended yoga, and he was right.

After a week of lifting weights, your whole body has tension and soreness; yoga can help release much of that. Over the six years now that I’ve been practicing, I have noticed greater flexibility in my hips, which has improved my squats and various leg lifts.

Noah Arm Wrestling |

Also, the wrist and shoulders have improved my Olympic lifts, where I can get deeper into the moves and transition with ease. And the constant twisting throughout yoga has helped me to maintain a limber and healthy back.

When practicing yoga, just remember to surrender, and let go!

It’s not about how good you are, as long as you feel better when you leave than when you arrived, and that is all that matters, and I feel it every time. Also, whether you have an instructor or not, make it your practice and only do what you are capable of. If the workout is getting too intense, then find a rest pose and jump back in when you’re ready. If the workout isn’t intense enough, then add some pushups or movement. Discomfort is good, so lean in, but pain is unnecessary, so back off.

Namaste from the inside… 

Yoga in Prison | Noah's Story 2

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