Your Guide to Creative Gallery Wall Artwork

Your Guide to Creative Gallery Wall Artwork 1

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Working on re-working our gallery wall in our main level living room now that we redid the rest of the space. The final touches are going up, which means this room is almost done!!! Juuuust under a year later.

We always had a gallery wall here, but the new color scheme and vibe just weren’t working with the white gallery frame wall for us anymore. For months we’ve been starring at this wall wondering what we should do with it…wallpaper, maybe a different texture paneling, oversized artwork or…another gallery wall. And in the end, we decided to rework it into another gallery wall because we just love how it creates a bigger story, and that’s what we want our living room area to be all about. Telling our family story through pictures, artwork, and prints.

And best of all, my favorite thing about gallery walls is that you can quickly and easily refresh it if you get sick of it, unlike a wall paneling. But this time around, I wanted to bring in a little bit more art and prints to make it more eclectic instead of just photos as well. We also decided to bring in a variety of different colors and sizes to compliment the new accent wall instead of all white. 

So I asked you guys who you recommend when it comes to makers, and artists and they are all too good not to share! Here’s a list of our favorites that you shared, and we’ve already spent hours researching all of their work. 

We can’t wait to share with you the prints we picked for our wall, and we hope you check out these lovely artists and support them too. 

Your Guide to Creative Gallery Wall Artwork 2

  1. Juniper Prints 
  2. Colleen Elizabeth Art
  3. Michelle Morin Shop
  4. Daughters & Suns
  5. Mpls Girl, Denim & Ink
  6. Lindsay Letters
  7. Anna Bailey
  8. Ashley Mary 
  9. Missy Monson Art 
  10. Minted Art
  11. Moglea
  12. Shelly Mosman
  13. DevonDesignCo 
  14. Mallery Jane Art
  15. Kate M Baldock
  16. Black Loon Studio
  17. Ashten Rubio
  18. Hookie Duke
  19. DC Ice
  20. Makers Mercantile Duluth

Your Guide to Creative Gallery Wall Artwork 3

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