Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 1

We are so excited to kick off a weekly link-up with our group of friends that we met this past year at Haven! Alongside four of our other new favorite bloggers, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite tips and tricks centered around monthly topics, and we want to see your best ideas, tips, and tricks too! So make sure to drop your link below so we can check them out and our readers can too. 

But first we want to introduce our co-hosts to you! We know you are going to fall in love with them as quickly as we have. We’re hosting this weekly link-up with Sarah and Nick from Nestrs, Katelynn from The Inspiring Investment, Daniell and Michael from Clark and Aldine, and Lindsey from Building Bluebird.

Each week we’ll take turns hosting this weekly link-up, but don’t worry…we’ll remind you over here to link your goods up every week. 

We’re kicking things off talking all things organization. You know how much we love organizing our home. From our office to our kitchen cabinets, to our workshop, an organized space keeps us sane. So today, we’re going to share how we’ve organized some of the spaces in our lives and how you can too.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve ever gone through a kitchen remodel, you know how crazy it is to clear out all cabinets and find items you’ve never used! When we remodeled our kitchen, we went through all of our spices and realized that many were expired…haha. By using storage containers, silverware dividers, and clear bins, we were able to organize our kitchen cabinets in no time. Now, it feels like we have so much more space, and we don’t have a bunch of unwanted items.

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 2

The Workshop

With our workshop being the storage place for client materials, our own projects, and all the fun outdoor toys for the boys, it can easily become a mess. Back in the spring, we organized our entire shop by using pegboards, his & hers workstations, labeling everything, adding cabinetry, and more. Read more about our workshop organization ideas to get some tips for your space!

Pegboards and baskets in our workshop | construction2style

Kids Craft Station

Now that our little dudes are all about getting their craft on, our home was turning into a hot mess! So we rounded up things from the shop and second-hand stores and with a little bit of spray paint, got their room organized and made a little craft-station. You can read the full blog post with all of our tips and tricks HERE. 

Kids Craft Station for Under $75 | construction2style


Creating Extra Storage by Organization

One of the ways to make your home feel like you have extra storage is by organizing. This summer, we cleared the clutter in our home and had a garage sale, which made our home feel so much bigger. Other ways to create extra storage in your home include storage under your bed, using tray dividers, and putting items in clear bins.

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 3

How to Organize Your Garage Like a Pro

Our co-hosts Sarah and Nick over at Nestrs are chatting all about garage organization too. Hop on over HERE to read all their tips and tricks. 

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 4

The Ultimate Family Command Center

Our other co-hosts, Danielle and Michael, are chatting all about how they created their family command center in their mud-room to keep their family organized. You can find the post HERE. I love their tip, “To build a command center,  wall organization,  daily system…whatever you want to call it, you need to start with your largest item and build off that. For this command center, we started with a calendar. ”

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 5

A Simple and Creative Way to Display Kid Artwork

Danielle and Michael are also talking through how to stay organized with your kids’ artwork. Like they mentioned, “When it comes to the refrigerator it’s not that we don’t love our kids’ artwork – trust us, we can’t seem to get enough of it – but we just don’t feel like it’s the proper location when it gets all smashed in. We can’t really see all the hard work they put into it, nor do we get to enjoy it. So this weekend I went ahead and tackled all these things.”

And we couldn’t agree more! Check out the full post HERE. 


Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 6

5 Easy Tricks to Organize your Kids Playroom

Co-host Lindsey from Building Bluebird is chatting all about organizing your kids playroom HERE over on her blog. As she says, “Let’s be real. Kids have WAY too much stuff! Every time I turn around I feel like there is another stuffed animal or kitschy plastic toy. So, I need to you to watch a few episodes of Marie Kondo and start purging! I promise you, throwing away broken and cheap toys will make THE biggest difference in your playroom.” And we couldn’t agree more and followed her advice on tip #5! 

Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 7

7 Tips to Help you Organize your Home Office

And lastly, our other co-host Katelynn is chatting all about organizing and designing your home office space over on her blog HERE.

Love her tips on labeling, something we’re striving to do more of to keep our team on the same page, “When I say label everything – I mean everything: your shelving, your bins, your folders, your cubbies, and baskets. After all – you’ve spent all this time on organization, so everything has a place. Labeling (in conjunction with self-discipline) is the way to keep it that way! It will also help your husband, wife, assistant, or children know where things go.”


Your House to Home Haven Weekly Link Up 8


Now let’s see your favorite organizing hacks! Drop a link below so we can read all about it. 

Here is the Party House to Home Haven Rules: 

  1. Link to a relevant topic 
  2. Link to a specific post, not a homepage
  3. Share the love! 

It’s that simple. Can’t wait to get inspired from all of your organizing hacks. 


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All of these spaces are so beautiful! I’m inspired!

Jordan Willaby
Jordan Willaby
3 years ago
Reply to  Kate

Thank you!!


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