This is one we've been trying to get a client to do for a while. Whether in a shower surround or for a bar accent area in a kitchen, I think this tile would be the perfect wow factor. It gives me all of the beachy, watery vibes. And I love how the tiles have a slight color variation so that although it's a solid blue tile, its imperfections of size and color draw your eye all around. 

a classic. With its black and white striped herringbone pattern, it makes for the perfect backsplash, such as in your kitchen, a statement fireplace, or even flooring in a space such as a mudroom. It's versatile and has a modern element to it. There is also a white version of it, which is such a fun tile too! 

Don't let the simplistic look of this tile fool you!  A subway-type cement tile that can be laid in several different ways. This color is a muted blue that can add a touch of color to any space. Such as a white kitchen or in a shower.  Zia tile also provides many different colors of this tile, which again, is why we love it!