How much does a bathroom remodel cost?


It's easy to forget about permits and how much those can cost. And this ranges from city to city. In a couple of cities, we've gone to pull permits, and they said we didn't need a permit, which costs $0. Then we go to other cities and the permit alone costs $800- $4K. And then some cities require lead inspections if your home is passed a certain age, which can cost thousands of dollars. And you have to be lead certified and take classes for that, which also costs money.  So depending on where you live permits can range from $0- $4K for the permit alone.  You can call your city to inquire about permitting costs and what yours will cost in your area.


Between the demolition of your bathroom, getting it down to the bones as well as the time it will take getting the area cleared, we would recommend planning for around $2,000 for this portion of the project.

Electrical & Plumbing

On the lower end of things, I would plan to pay your plumber/electrician combination around $2,100- $6,000. And typically, they don't give your contractor an estimate unless you pay them the time to come out. Otherwise, they just bill them.


Framing costs anywhere from $7 to $16 square foot. If you are in your bathroom and taking down walls and rearranging the layout, you'll have framing costs. Within a bathroom space, we're typically just framing in a toilet room, or if you're changing the shower room or want half walls, etc., you'll be re-framing those as well.


The tile itself ranges from about $5-$30 per square foot, and installers, on average, charge $30-$50 per hour. Typically, we spend around $4,000- $9,000 on tile/labor per job for shower surround, shower floor, and floor tile. Again, just depending on the size and the finishings you choose. 


You can find a vanity at your local hardware store for under $2,000, but we promise that it won't give you the storage that you want. If you go custom and want the additional bells and whistles, it'll cost, on average, $5,000. And then if you're adding in additional storage units and makeup stations, you'll probably be looking at an additional $3-5K. Then on top of the cabinetry, remember you have the countertop, sink, faucet, and hardware. 

Plumbing Fixtures

For a free-standing jetted tub, you're looking anywhere from $2,500-5K. Free-standing tub faucets are additional, on average, $2K. Then the shower fixtures, on average, $2-3K. 

Additional Fixtures 

This is where you can really save, in my opinion, if you need to. But if this is your forever home, we suggest you don't and instead save until you can afford the things you love; otherwise, you'll regret it within a couple of years. All of the additional finishings we're referring to are things such as the countertop, toilet, soaking tub, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and hardware. If you want these to be statement pieces and have the resources, by all means, go for it. But if you're running a tight ship with a strict budget, these are the items where I would suggest saving. 

Common Additional Charges

Painting: $300-$2K. This depends on whether you hire someone and what kind of paint you use. Typically, a can of paint costs about $35, and painters charge about $1.50 per square foot. Trim: Some choose to use their old trim, some want brand new. Both will cost money. Most trim costs about $2 per square foot, and labor varies. We recommend new trim and having it painted by a professional. Generally, our trim/labor costs around $1,200. Even if you want to keep the old, it needs to come off and be put back on, and then I'm not sure you want the old going back up. 

Common Additional Charges

Drywall: Within a bathroom, there isn't a ton of surface or wall area. Often you can get away with minimal patching and repair work. But any time you are significantly moving things, adding/subtracting walls, or re-doing texture on the ceiling, there is bound to be some drywall work. Although it's minimal, drywall costs on bathrooms usually range from $400-$1,000. Ceilings: Are you scraping popcorn off and want knockdown or flat? If flat, that will cost the most because the tapers have to be extremely detailed to have a nice flat ceiling. Regardless you're looking anywhere from $1,500-$3,500.  Fans: Do you need to replace ceiling fans? 

Additional Overhead

Then if you're hiring a contractor, you need to remember that they have additional business expenses that they have to take into accounts such as permits, taxes, subs, and front-end labor.  This is the list of things that you don't physically see but are all costs that must be covered. In-house items such as insurance, payroll, etc. all need to come from somewhere, and whether you are aware or not, it all is allocated throughout the year in all the projects. The biggest misconception is that people are getting rich off of one project or off of YOUR project. That's simply not the case. People need to get paid for the work they are doing. This includes all the time emailing back and forth, the process of design, going to apply and pick up permits. I won't even begin to put a number on this because it can range so drastically, but it will definitely add a dollar amount to your project.

Bathroom Deliverables

– permits | drawings for city approval – demo – disposal, dumpster – tile shower surround – shower floor – niches, benches, shelving in the shower – restructuring shower  – main tile floor – in-floor heating – vanity, cabinetry – countertop – sink – millwork/trim – faucet /sink bath shower head handheld – fixture – hardware – plumbing | new toilet, set toilet, new traps, plumbing permits, new shower valves 

Bathroom Deliverables

– electrical | permit – HVAC – Framing – free-standing soaking tub – custom glass shower door – lighting- sconces, pendants, recessed – paint wall – towel bars, hooks, hanger – mirrors  – project management – account management – meetings, consults, 4-hour windows waiting for products and/or appointments with subs and city inspector

The Cost 

A bathroom remodel, on average, can range from $40,000- $65,000 just depending on the size of your space and the finishes you put into it.