How to Pitch yourself to Brands

Pitching brands is about telling your story. With this course we’re going to walk you through how we’ve as influencers & bloggers landed big bucks with brand collaborations.

  • Why pitching brands is important
  • Free vs. paid
  • Downloadable email templates
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How to Increase your Pageviews through Pinterest

With over 1.5 million monthly impressions, Pinterest is the number one social platform we use to drive traffic to our site.

  • How to setup/optimize your profile
  • Designing shareable graphics
  • Scheduling tools
  • Monitoring analytics
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How to Develop Multiple Streams of Revenue through Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are another simple way we are able to monetize our blog. We’ll walk you through our top affiliate linking tools and why.

  • Reward Style
  • Shop Your Likes
  • Monumetric
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How to Pitch Brands, How to Increase your Pageviews through Pinterest and Developing Multiple Revenue Streams – all for one lower price.