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April 29 - May 3

Build Her Retreat | Costa Rica

The construction world is evolving, and that evolution is picking up more and more women along the way…and we’re all figuring it out as we go! Being a woman in construction is a unique experience filled with opportunities, challenges, and quirks defined by our skill set. Within this retreat - it's exactly as it sounds - a retreat for females in the construction industry.

April 29th - May 3rd, 2024
Costa Rica | Manuel Antonio Puntarenas Province

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The Build Buzz

A Live Podcast Event, May 16

Join us on May 16, 2024 as The Modern Craftsman, Brad Leavitt Podcast, and The Curious Builder Podcast, along with special guest Morgan Molitor from construction2style come together to share with you the in's and out's of what's up and coming in the construction industry this year.

The Live Podcast is kicking off the bi-annual Contractor Coalition Summit event hosted in Minneapolis this year, and promises to be an engaging and insightful gathering for professionals and enthusiasts in the construction industry.

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May 15 - 19, Minneapolis

Contractor Coalition Summit

Join us for our next Contractor Coalition Summit Minneapolis, MN. May 15 - 19, 2024

An intimate four-day summit ( with pre-party activities starting the day prior) hosted by AFT Construction from Scottsdale, NS Builders out of Boston, and construction2style from Minneapolis - this conference is geared towards General Contractors.

Nick, Brad, and Morgan come from different segments of the construction industry, ranging from high-end luxury builders to interior residential remodelers, designers, and media companies. This diversity suggests that attendees can expect a well-rounded perspective on various aspects of the business.

They have spent a combined 40+ years in this industry investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to get their brand and companies where they are at today. They will leave nothing off of the table at this intimate summit and are confident that you will get your value within the first hour.

Wondering how to address contracting systems, create organizational charts, billing, scaling, creating AIA docs, contracts, subcontracts, cost-plus percentages, scheduling, expansion on sales beyond the construction business, how to produce multiple streams of revenue through the construction industry, secure brand partnerships, or simply how to run a profitable construction business? We got you.

By addressing these topics comprehensively and offering tangible takeaways, the Contractor Coalition Summit aims to equip contractors with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the construction industry and elevate their brands. Providing networking opportunities and including food and drinks adds value to the event and enhances the overall experience for attendees.

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June 7th & 14th

How to Increase your Pageviews through Pinterest

Two, one-hour Friday sessions.

June 7th | 10 AM - 11 CST
June 14th | 10 AM - 11 CST

Are you a creator, an entrepreneur looking to uplift your brand? Struggling with your online visibility or uncertain about the ideal social media platforms for your focus? Are you interested in exploring the latest tools, apps, or seeking better time management?

Pinterest, boasting over 8 million monthly impressions for us, serves as our primary tool for driving website traffic, consequently boosting revenue.

In this three, one hour-long Zoom sessions, we'll guide you through profile optimization, crafting engaging graphics, devising an effective content strategy, introducing our preferred scheduling tools, and leveraging analytics for actionable insights. Prepare to unlock the potential of your online presence!

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August 9 & 16

Synergize & Succeed: Navigating Brand Collaborations for Success

Friday, August 9 | 10 - 11AM CST
Friday, August 16 | 10 - 11AM CST

Guide participants through the intricacies of building and nurturing impactful brand partnerships. This session explores the strategic framework and key principles essential for establishing mutually beneficial alliances between brands. Attendees will delve into case studies, best practices, and actionable strategies aimed at leveraging collaborative efforts to drive growth, expand market reach, enhance brand value, and achieve shared objectives.

Whether fostering new connections or optimizing existing partnerships, this workshop equips participants with the insights and tools needed to craft effective and successful brand collaborations in today's dynamic business landscape.

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September 13, 2024

Wellness from Within Webinar

September 13th, from 11 - 12:30PM CST, via Zoom.

This workshop series offers a transformative journey focusing on rebuilding and reframing one's relationship with self, body, and food. We will dive into intricate connection between our thoughts and behaviors, exploring how negative beliefs impact both mental and physical well-being, while also introducing the concept of neuroplasticity as a pathway to reshape our brains. Through reflection exercises, participants identify deep-seated beliefs about themselves, understanding their origins and learning to reframe them. The session culminates in a practical four-step process to leverage self-awareness and knowledge, empowering individuals to disrupt negative thought patterns and cultivate a healthier inner dialogue.

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September 26 - 29, 2024

Contractor Coalition Summit Boston

Join us at the Contractor Coalition Summit in Boston, September 26 - 29, a four-day event hosted by AFT Construction, NS Builders, and construction2style. This exclusive gathering caters to General Contractors seeking insights and practical strategies to excel in the construction industry.

Featuring Nick, Brad, and Morgan, leaders with over 40 collective years in luxury building, residential remodeling, design, and media, this summit promises invaluable insights from the outset. Topics include contracting systems, organizational charts, billing, scaling, creating AIA docs, contracts, revenue diversification, and more.

The aim is to equip contractors with actionable solutions for profitable business growth. With networking, food, and drinks, this intimate event offers an immersive experience, fostering connections and empowering attendees to succeed in construction.

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Feb 24, 2025


Join us on Monday, February 24th 2025 in Vegas to meet up with Contractor Coalition friends! Let's kick off IBS + KIBS the right way.

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