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Dreaming of a home transformation? Whether you're considering a remodel, envisioning a stylish addition, or planning a unique custom new build, we're here for you, no matter the scale.

As a licensed and insured general contracting business, our specialty lies in bespoke carpentry. With us, you can expect project execution and top-notch craftsmanship. From meticulous planning to installation, we handle every aspect of your project with care and expertise. Let's bring your vision to life!

License: BC693599

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Interior Design

We work closely with you, listening to your vision for your project and transforming your ideas into tangible concepts that turn your house into your dream home. Our process includes creating detailed mood boards, space layouts, finishing selection sheets, concept boards, and lifelike renderings.

Whether you plan to hire us for construction, prefer a DIY approach, or are considering another general contractor, we're eager to be part of your space's design journey. Let's collaborate to craft a space that truly reflects your style and personality. Your dream home awaits!

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Design Projects
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Furniture Sourcing

Collaboratively, we envision a harmonious space and curate the perfect furniture pieces to transform your house into a warm and inviting home.

We start by exploring your design inspirations, crafting detailed mood boards, selection sheets with readily available options, concept boards, and a meticulous floor plan that ties everything together seamlessly.

Once the vision is set, we assist you in sourcing materials, and if needed, we're more than happy to travel to your location to provide hands-on styling guidance for your new items. Together, let's create a space that not only reflects your style but also feels like a true sanctuary. Your dream home is just a step away.

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Furniture Sourcing
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Interior Styling

our project isn't truly finished until it's styled, and we're here to make this process a playful and enjoyable experience! Whether you need a few items to spice up your space or want a complete styled transformation, we've got your back. We craft a detailed specification chart, curate a comprehensive shopping list, and provide a layout guide, all customized just for you.

Even though we're based in MN, our creative touch knows no bounds as we work with clients nationwide. Reach out via email, meet us in person, or hop on a Zoom call—we're flexible! And if you happen to be local, we'll even hit the stores with you, making the whole styling journey a delightful adventure. Let's infuse some fun into your space.

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Creative Development

We've crafted our business with passion and dedication, and now we're thrilled to be your go-to resource too! Whether you need expert consulting, want us to handle your content creation and digital marketing, are keen on attending our engaging workshops, enrolling in our insightful courses, or downloading our handy templates – we've got your back. Whatever your needs, we're here to provide the support and expertise you're looking for. Let's collaborate and elevate your ventures together!

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Our Process

It's not just business for us; we believe in genuine connections and enjoyable collaborations! To make sure we're the right fit, we tackle all the necessary formalities upfront—greetings, budgets, requirements, timelines, payments, and contracts. Once the paperwork is sorted, we dive into the exciting part: your project's creative journey!

Curious about our process? Check out the details below and drop us an email. We're eager to get to know you, share some laughs, and embark on this exciting project together. Let's make it a memorable and enjoyable experience!

Our Process