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where it all began

Meet Jamie and Morgan Molitor, husband + wife and the visionary minds steering the home remodeling, interior styling, and small media company journey at construction2style. Since 2012, authenticity has been their guiding principle.

What initially started as a lifestyle blog has evolved into c2s—a vibrant design + build and small media enterprise. Over a decade, they've immersed themselves in the art of transforming houses and crafting joy-filled spaces, not only for clients but also for their own fulfillment. Every aspect is documented, from the intricacies of design and construction to the nuances of digital marketing, covering website building, brand development, social media strategies, SEO tactics, and more.

Whether one is inclined to explore their tutorials, participate in workshops or conferences, enroll in online courses, or prefer their team to take the reins, Jamie and Morgan and their team are there to assist. Regardless of the preference, they stand as partners in creating spaces and digital experiences that resonate with authenticity and creativity.

Beyond construction2style, their portfolio extends to multiple other brands—resilience2reform, a Nonprofit; Neon Lion, a Marketing Agency; and the Contractor Coalition Summit, a national Contractor conference.


construction2style has been featured and seen on on The Huffington Post, the cover of Kitchen Bath & Business, Midwest Home Magazine, Msp Magazine, Design and DIY Magazine, WCCO, Twin Cities Live, and more. 

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our rockstars

Meet our incredible creative team! They're the heart behind everything we do, and we're incredibly grateful for each member.

At construction2style, we provide a wide range of services including contracting, design, styling, and content creation. No project is too big or too small for us; we're here to cater to all your home improvement and content development needs. Despite having diverse roles, we share a common goal: to serve you effectively. Your presence on our website means the world to us, and we're thrilled to be part of your journey. Welcome!

our designers

Whether it's a large-scale project or a minor detail, we've got it all under control. As one unified team with distinct roles but a shared mission, we are dedicated to meeting all your home improvement and content development needs. Your discovery of our website means a lot to us, and we're truly grateful for your presence here

Meet the Team

Jamie Molitor 1

Jamie Molitor

Co - Founder, Contractor 

“About Jamie, the co-founder of construction2style and husband to Morgan, has been the driving force behind our company's inception. With a college degree in carpentry from Fargo, ND, he aspired…”

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Morgan Molitor | construction2style

Morgan Molitor

Co- Founder, Creative Director

“About Morgan Molitor Morgan Molitor, co-founder of construction2style (c2s), a dynamic design and build firm, alongside her husband Jamie, has been keeping it real since 2012. As a wife, mother…”

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Topher Rose 2

Topher Rose

Director, Project Management

“About Topher, our esteemed Director of Project Management, stands as a cornerstone of dedication and expertise within the construction2style team. Graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2016, he seamlessly…”

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Kayla Schulz 3

Kayla Schulz

Director, Design + Operations

“Kayla joined the c2s crew at the end of 2020, starting off as a design assistant and quickly grasping the in's and out's of c2s as a company and helping…”

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Jill Jensen 4

Jill Jensen

Controller + Office Manager

“About Jill, our remarkable Office Manager and Controller, stands as the financial backbone of c2s, bringing an impressive 20 years of retail management experience and an unparalleled dedication to our…”

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Noah Bergland helps c2s construction2style with search engine optimization seo on our website space crafting photography

Noah Bergland

Lead SEO Strategist

“About Noah, the Lead SEO Strategist at construction2style, radiates boundless positivity and embodies the spirit of community within the team. His infectious energy, reminiscent of his days as the "life…”

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Anya Bergland 5

Anya Bergland

Content Manager & SEO Strategist

“Anya, a dynamic force within the c2s family, joined us in November 2022, bringing an inspiring blend of dedication and enthusiasm. As a devoted wife and mother of three lovely…”

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