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Jamie's a professional carpenter & licensed contractor. Morgan's a fashion merchandiser and content creator. We're a DIY blog that grew into a full service interior residential remodeling company. From walking you through our own personal home projects, to client work, to online courses, we're an open book. Keeping it real since 2012.

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MN based & nationwide, construction2style is a lifestyle brand that specializes in full service design + build interior residential remodeling. We started off as a husband and wife team, but have since evolved into a full scale crew. We couldn't be more proud of our creative team and would love the opportunity to work with you (but only if you're nice).

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We built our brand from the ground up and want to show how you can do it too. Wondering how to do affiliate marketing? Developing multiple revenue streams? Growing your page views through Pinterest? Or how to pitch brands for an upcoming collaboration? We're an open book and here to help. We offer quarterly workshops, online courses, downloadable templates as well as additional creative development services.

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Home Maintenance Checklist with Kura Home

When was the last time you cleaned your washer and dryer, or how about vacuumed out your refrigerator coils and degreased your vent hood? Or changed your dishwasher or freezer…

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Pressure Cooker Recipes: Take the pressure out of weeknight meal prep

If you’re not familiar with pressure cooking it works on a simple principle, steam pressure. A sealed pot, with a lot of steam inside, builds up high pressure, which helps…

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It’s about that time to replace our deck…

Since our boards are rotting and we’re literally falling through them, it’s about that time to replace our deck.  The Minnesota winters really take a toll on our decks here…

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Cabinetry Design Options | Cabinetry 101

There are a lot of details that go into your cabinetry options. We recently wrote a post on the pros and cons and difference between prefab, semi-custom and custom cabinetry. …

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The Best Bathroom Fixtures

Let’s talk bathrooms! One of our favorite spaces to design and remodel in a home. Today we wanted to talk about all the fixtures that go into a bathroom design…

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9 Pinterest Crafts to Try With Your Kids Now

Running out of things to do with your kids about right now? Us too! So we’ve been on the hunt for some fun new crafts to try out and wanted…

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Prison Jobs, Prison Cash, Prison Phones | By Noah Bergland

So after the first few months in prison, if you didn’t completely prepare for prison you are most likely broke. I know I was. That is on top of reality…

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To Fink or Not Fink | By Noah

It’s said there are only two types of people in the Bureau of Prison system, those who told and those who wish they would have. And a fink is defined…

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So while the world has begun to burn with Coronavirus madness, the wheels of justice continued to turn, and I moved home from the Bay to Sacramento. To live on…

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