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Jamie's a professional carpenter & licensed contractor. Morgan's a fashion merchandiser and content creator. We're a DIY blog that grew into a full service interior residential remodeling company. Walking you through our own personal home projects, client work, to online courses, we're an open book. Keeping it real since 2012.

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MN based, nationwide, construction2style is a lifestyle brand that specializes in full service design + build interior residential remodeling. We started off as a husband and wife team but have since evolved into a full scale crew. We couldn't be more proud of our creative team and would love the opportunity to work with you (but only if you're nice).

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Managing your Mood & The Power of It | Noah’s Story

Noah here. Managing your mood in prison can be tough, because the lows seem so low and the highs are never high enough. Also, your patience and stability are tested…

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Prison Terminology Dictionary | construction2style

Prison Terminology Dictionary

Noah here, back again. We had a few readers that asked me to clarify all of this Prison terminology, so here we go…  Getting used to the way people talk…

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Different Mindsets when Dealing with your Prison Sentence | Noah’s Story

There are different mindsets that people bring to prison because they have different expectations of what it’s going to be and preparing themselves to do different lengths of time. The…

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Updating Our First Home | Before & After

We’ve been in our new home for a couple of weeks now and we love it so much! To recap, Matt and I bought our first home this summer, closed…

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Our Main Level Living Room | Laying our Hardwood Flooring

Lights are up in our main level living room remodel and our flooring is officially done too. We’re rocking and rolling now!  Here’s what life in our house has looked…

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Our Main Level Living - Let There Be Light | construction2style

Our Main Level Living Room, Let there be light!

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration by Hudson Valley Lighting. Although we were provided with product, all opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all…

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Unwritten Rules in Prison | Noah’s Story

The written rules are easy; you can just pick up the handbook and learn them, or wait until A&O and be told them. For the unwritten rules, they aren’t so…

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Having a Good Routine in Prison | Noah’s Story

Having a good routine in prison is huge as it is the best way to speed up your time in prison because a bad routine will make one year feel…

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Dealing with Death, Losing my Dad | Noah’s Story

So dad came up today in group. We have these daily readings, and the one today talked about death and how you deal with it. The reading talked about facing…

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