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Jamie's a professional carpenter & licensed contractor. Morgan's a fashion merchandiser and content creator. We're a DIY blog that grew into a full service interior residential remodeling company. Walking you through our own personal home projects, client work, to online courses, we're an open book. Keeping it real since 2012.

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MN based, nationwide, construction2style is a lifestyle brand that specializes in full service design + build interior residential remodeling. We started off as a husband and wife team but have since evolved into a full scale crew. We couldn't be more proud of our creative team and would love the opportunity to work with you (but only if you're nice).

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We built our brand from the ground up and want to show how you can do it too. Wondering how to do affiliate marketing? Developing multiple revenue streams? Growing your page views through Pinterest? Or how to pitch brands for an upcoming collaboration? We're an open book and here to help. We offer monthly in-house workshops, online courses, downloadable templates as well as additional creative development services.

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Religion | Noah’s Story

Hey all, Noah here. This weekend in all three of my posts, I’m going to be talking religion.  Religion was something that I was raised around but never felt much…

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Our 2020 Workshops, Tickets Available Now!

We are SO excited to announce our 2020 workshops! And tickets are available now!!    As we mentioned in our BizCom 2019 recap post, alongside Alta Events, our workshops are all…

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DIY Sushi Birthday Party

I’m not a birthday kinda girl, but I do love any excuse to bring some of my favorites together! And even better, kicking off your new year surrounded by the…

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How much does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Can I get an estimate for our kitchen remodel?  This is a question that lands in our inbox regularly and one that can’t be answered just by dropping by your…

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BizCom 2019 Recap

This past week we hosted our 2nd annual BizCom Summit and we’re still on a high! Having so many creatives all in one space is my happy place and leaves…

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Millennial Pink: 8 Ways to Incorporate the Color to Last Beyond the Trend

Millennial Pink. What’s that? It’s the latest color trend – that’s what. It is sometimes called “blush” or “delicate pink,” and is a popular shade for everything from clothes, accessories,…

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Replacement Grille for Bathroom Fan

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BroanĀ®-NuTone. Although we were compensated to write this post, all opinions and content are our own, and we stand behind and use all brands…

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Khaki Creases | Noah's Story | construction2style

Khaki Creases | Noah’s Story

Hey all, Noah here. So in prison, we have a uniform that we have to wear from 8:15 am until recall at 3:45 pm, unless we are going to the…

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Chow Hall in Prison | Noah's Story | construction2style

Chow Hall in Prison | Noah’s Story

Hey guys, Noah here. The chow hall, also known as where we eat, is probably the most important place in prison. At least initially, as it seemed to me there…

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