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Jamie's a professional carpenter & licensed contractor. Morgan's a fashion merchandiser and content creator. We're a DIY blog that grew into a full service interior residential remodeling company. From walking you through our own personal home projects, to client work, to online courses, we're an open book. Keeping it real since 2012.

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MN based & nationwide, construction2style is a lifestyle brand that specializes in full service design + build interior residential remodeling. We started off as a husband and wife team, but have since evolved into a full scale crew. We couldn't be more proud of our creative team and would love the opportunity to work with you (but only if you're nice).

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We built our brand from the ground up and want to show how you can do it too. Wondering how to do affiliate marketing? Developing multiple revenue streams? Growing your page views through Pinterest? Or how to pitch brands for an upcoming collaboration? We're an open book and here to help. We offer quarterly workshops, online courses, downloadable templates as well as additional creative development services.

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The World’s Best Bran Muffin Recipe

I’m a little biased in thinking this is the world’s best bran muffin recipe because it came from my parent’s restaurant, The Guest House. A place I was raised in…

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Air Fryer Recipes: 8 Healthy Dinner Ideas

Who’s on the air fryer bandwagon?! Jamie’s brother and his wife recently bought one, and that was the first time I had heard about it. After a while and all of…

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Places I’ve lived… | Noah’s Story

Hey guys, Noah, here.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been taking a creative writing course. Another exercise and question our Professor asked is…”Places I’ve lived…” So here it is, my…

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Back Where I come From | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Back Where I Come From | Noah’s Story

Hey guys, Noah, here.  As you know, I’ve been taking a creative writing class, and I’m really enjoying it. My professor has been coaching and pushing me outside of my comfort…

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The Search for Work Post Prison | Noah Bergland | construction2style

The Search for Work Post Prison

This is cool – I don’t have to introduce myself anymore when starting a blog post as now I can be an author on a blog post (we weren’t allowed…

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Working Together to Create an Accessible Kitchen Design | construction2style

Working Together to Create an Accessible Kitchen Design

Last fall, we heard about Jordan Braund, a Wisconsin high school student, and athlete who was in a horrible car accident on the way home from practice. She was in…

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Gender Neutral Names - The Ultimate List | construction2style

Gender-Neutral Names List [Ultimate Guide]

Gender-neutral baby names are very popular in the United States these days. Parents are now trying to add a little uniqueness to their kid’s names, as well as follow the…

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The Alarm Clock - Noah Bergland | construction2style

The Alarm Clock | Noah’s Story

Noah here. One of the many joys when living in a room with up to 16 other people is the use of the alarm clock, especially if all 16 of…

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Interview with Peace Grenades | Noah’s Story

Hey guys, Noah here. Over the years, there have been quite a few people who have supported me in different ways, and one of those people is my good friend…

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