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Hello! We are so happy you are here. We are Jamie (hubby) and Morgan (wifey) Molitor and this is our story.

We have a lot of things going on within our site and a lot of services and products we offer, so we wanted to share how we got to where we are now.

Our Story | Home Improvement Blog & Interior Residential Remodeling ServicesFirst off… growing up, our parents instilled in us the DIY mentality; we are so humbled by the way we grew up. Our family gave us the skills we have acquired today and we are forever grateful and credit so much success to them.

We were both raised in entrepreneurial spirited families, working at a young age within both of their businesses. Although we never went into either of the fields or took over those businesses we were raised in, we both also grew up working in the shop on different projects and crafts with our parents.

In 2009, Jamie got his carpentry degree with the goal of becoming a builder in mind. In 2007, Morgan got her fashion merchandising degree, wanting to be a photo stylist for an interior home brand.

It was a dream come true when Morgan not only found the man of her dreams but that she could design & style homes and build handcrafted wood furniture alongside her very own husband.

We met on December 18th, 2010 at a bar. Jamie’s cousin invited him to a happy hour, and Morgan’s best friend invited her to the same happy hour, having no intentions of us hitting it off.

Morgan was very intrigued by the cute, shy guy sitting across the table from her. To make a long story short, we ended up hitting it off, dancing the night away, and have been inseparable since that exact day!

2011, Jamie bought his first home in Andover, MN to flip. Morgan, of course, wanted to show Jamie’s talents off to the world and created construction2style, starting off as a DIY home improvement blog to journal and share our personal remodeling journey.

2012, the construction2style blog was launched.

At the launch of our blog, people started coming to us for custom-built furniture pieces, because they couldn’t always find the perfect piece with the correct size or material for their home. This launched our furniture business.

Due to the demand for our interior residential remodeling services the products side of our business evolved from our own custom builds to a full home decor line. You can visit our shop page to check out what we have in the studio.

We screamed “I do” on AJamie and Morgan Molitor, wedding photo | construction2style | Green Acres Barn Eden Prairie, MN | Our Story | Home Improvement Blog & Interior Residential Remodeling Servicesugust 30, 2013.

Welcomed our little dude, Greyson Stevan, into the world on September 22, 2014.

In a few short years, we quickly realized not everyone has the same passion for DIY. We had been getting so many requests from local Minnesotans to come and remodel their homes that Jamie got his contracting license quicker than we had dreamed and we got to work.

2014, construction2style officially launched its interior residential remodeling business. In 2014, Morgan was hired at a digital agency in Minneapolis as a Project Manager. As she quickly learned how to leverage her influence with brand marketing through construction2style she launched this agency’s Social Media department and moved into the role of Director.

In 2016, we hired our first two employees and construction2style officially became a team.

One of those hires was a certified interior designer, which we then started offering interior design services in 2017.

In 2017, we welcomed our second baby boy, Beckam William, into the world on May 3rd.

With the birth of our second baby boy, Morgan left her role as the Director to pursue construction2style full time.

Morgan then quickly saw a demand from our readers to want to DIY the same branding concept we have built at construction2style. Which quickly led to monthly in-house workshops, online courses, and online events. 

And come October 14th, 2020 – we welcomed our little girl, Ellie Elaine. 


So here we are today.

construction2style is a home improvement resource blog & interior residential remodeling brand. We offer contracting, design, styling, and marketing services and we also offer home decor products. We feel so grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given that have led us to the life we’re living. And we’re so thankful for our loyal readers like you.

Thanks for being here.

Jamie & Morgan

Licensed and Insured Residential Building Contractor | License: BC693599