Black & White Master Bath | Albertville, MN

When we started this bathroom project, we were going for a modern design with a wet room feel, contemplating having the full tub and shower in one enclosed room. In the end, the clients opted to have the shower separated into it’s own space but still wanted to create that wet room, modern look.

the challenge

There are many advantages and disadvantages of creating a wet room. The biggest disadvantage we hear is, it’s cold. And the best advantage is that it is super easy to clean and looks open and sleek. Combining the bathtub and the shower is the most popular wet room look. Because let’s be real, storage can be an issue and paying for tile on every wall can add up fast for costs. We wanted to create the look of a wet room in this bathroom space without actually creating a wet room because this was a smaller space.

our solution

A frameless glass shower is the ideal look for a wet room. You can hardly tell they are there, which creates a more open space feel. Another great thing about frameless glass shower doors is that they are customizable. Which allows for more flexibility but also means it can take some time when it comes to the install. This was the original vanity that the homeowners had in their space. With a new light and bright countertop, sink, and faucet… it gave it a whole new look. The vanity was in good shape, so we told them to keep it! Tile walls are a must when it comes to a wet room design. Typically all the walls would be tiled, but if you were just going for the look, I’d recommend an accent tile wall. With the glass frameless shower door, the space gives the illusion that it all flows together. The ceilings are often the most forgotten element. When this client said they wanted black ceilings, I screamed!  We’ve been super eager for a client to go with a fun paint color. The black ceiling was the icing on the cake for this space.

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