Broadmoore Kitchen Remodel | Eden Prairie, MN

the challenge

The current kitchen is small and didn’t work very well for our clients and their family. With the limited countertop space and minimal cabinet storage, our clients were looking for a more functional layout, as well as an updated design. Before, the sink faced a wall, which is not our client’s favorite, especially when washing dishes. The microwave over the stove made cooking on the range top feel crowded and hard to work on. Since the kitchen was closed off from the living room, it felt tight and dark.

our solution

By opening up the wall into the living room, it made the space much brighter and open. The stove was moved to where the sink currently is, which allowed for a fun custom tile wall. On the fridge wall, now there is open shelving, an appliance garage with the microwave, and a built-in looking pantry. Now, the sink looks out into the living room allowing the two spaces to be more connected. Fresh white cabinets contrasted with a gray hexagon tile floor and darker appliances gives the space an updated look.