Custom New Home Build | Princeton, MN

Our very 1st custom new home design + build!

These fabulous clients of ours were saying goodbye to their family home to downsize and build their retirement home. They knew exactly what they wanted and didn’t want when it came to the overall layout and design elements. They made our first experience so much fun!

Overall, the concept for this home was modern traditional. We went with a neutral color scheme, a classic and timeless feel, and brought in natural selections.

Reclaimed wood, such as beams and barn doors was an important piece of the overall design concept. Bringing in stone for the fireplace and other natural elements provided a classic feel, and our favorite was the statement entry we created that welcomed guests into their home.

the challenge

One of the first selections our clients were sold on was the Cambria Quartz Ellesmere countertop. This was a fun challenge for us, because it was a new design we had never used, which we loved tackling any new challenge! Typically our clients like all white countertops.

Another first for us and must have on our client’s list was to incorporate a butler’s pantry. It was so much fun to challenge our creative juices and find ways to make it work.

our solution

We were up for the challenges and it was so much fun designing out something new and different. Being we love big and bold, we loved how Ellesmere brings out all the natural colors…black, white, gray and brown so we knew we had to bring those subtle colors in. The focus we knew would be on the countertop and then we’d bring touches of the colors in throughout without it competing.

White cabinetry, gray backsplash, wood flooring and black hardware, sink and bridge faucet to tie in every color throughout the bold countertop.

For the butler’s pantry, being it was a new home build we wanted to get to know what our clients were going to use it for so we would know where to place it. After chatting with them they said they were going to use it as a coffee bar and to store extra items. So we knew it would be ideal to place that area coming off the mudroom, which leads from the garage and in-between that and the main kitchen area. I would LOVE an area to drop my groceries off in instead of always making a mess out of our kitchen.

You can read all of the details behind our very 1st custom new home build here.