Eclectic Basement Refresh | Elk River, MN

We’ve been taking this basement in phases due to budgets.

First, it was simply painting the walls, updating the trim, and painting the golden oak cabinetry.

Then we added in a basement bathroom, by dividing out 1/2 the utility room.

Next, we knew we eventually wanted to do something with that big empty space behind the couch. And being entertaining is key, phase 2 we decided to add in a bar up-cycling the cabinetry that we had demo’d out from the kitchen in this home. A little fresh paint and it’s as good as new!

And we have a phase 4 up our sleeves coming soon… and it involves a lot of cool custom tile!

the challenge

The challenge was money. We didn’t want golden oak trim and cabinetry throughout but had a budget to stay within.

our solution

So we took it in phases and instead of remodeling we renovated.

Being the quality of the cabinetry was so good and well taken care of we decided to paint the built-in and repurpose the former cabinetry from the kitchen to create the basement bar, which was phase 3.

We also wanted to incorporate a bathroom into the basement. Luckily for us, the former homeowners of this home had already so graciously roughed in the plumbing when this home was built so that saved a ton of costs on plumbing.

We were able to divide out the furnace room and pop in a door from the hallway to give us a quaint powder bathroom.

Next up… we have some custom tile in the works for that nook to really make it a full basement bar! And hopefully (fingers crossed) that will wrap up this basement renovation!