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Navel Blue Benjamin Moore | Painting your golden oak cabinetry | construction2style

Eclectic Basement Refresh | Elk River, MN

We’ve been taking this basement in phases due to budgets.

First, it was simply painting the walls, updating the trim, and painting the golden oak cabinetry.

Then we added in a basement bathroom, by dividing out 1/2 the utility room.

Next, we knew we eventually wanted to do something with that big empty space behind the couch. And being entertaining is key, phase 2 we decided to add in a bar up-cycling the cabinetry that we had demo’d out from the kitchen in this home. A little fresh paint and it’s as good as new!

And lastly, adding that perfect pop of color and personality to the space by adding an accent tile wall, open shelving, a built in bench and finally those styling finishing touches! You can read all about phase 4 here.